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  1. weaselwatchr

    MSC Seaside Bar Menus

    A since there is one asterisk this means that as part of the yacht club it would be included?
  2. weaselwatchr

    Any Scans or Pictures of Dailies, MDR Menus, or YC Menus?

    Thanks for posting the yacht club menus!
  3. I tried to search the forums but couldn't find the answer, so I thought I would ask. My mother in law just mentioned that she had heard you can NO longer bring your own soda on board to consume during your cruise. We always bring a case in our extra bag that we use for souvenirs on the way home. We have cruised more recently than she has, so I am not sure where she is getting her info about this. We head off in a couple months to Hawaii and would like to be sure. Thanks for your help
  4. weaselwatchr

    Upsell would you?

    Yes, Jacuzzi tubs and a separate standing square glass enclosed shower! Plus the use of the Thermal Suite in the Spa, Breakfast to order in Sabatini's, free laundry service, and what we used most of all: ordering off the regular dining room menus for room service! We did the Med. cruise 12 day (Rome to Venice) and loved coming back to the ship and having room service deliver our dinner to our balcony! You WILL get spoiled, sorry to say. Congratulations!
  5. weaselwatchr


    For Thailand we ordered Thai baht from Bank of America before our cruise last march. Vietnam currency was not offered and come to find out US currency was the way to go. It was some crazy exchange like 20,000 dong to one US dollar so that's a lot of change to carry and make. We took US small denominations so we could get correct change back or pay the exact amount for souvenirs. For example if something was $2, we had singles to pay with. We did not travel to Bali, so cannot advise.
  6. weaselwatchr

    Onboard Gratuity Fees????

    There is also an automatic gratuity for spa services which started sometime in the past year. That fee is 15%. There is also a 15% fee for beverages like soft drinks.
  7. weaselwatchr

    Fee for International Cafe?

    Three scoops of gelato for $1.50
  8. weaselwatchr

    Menu for speciality restaurant

    There is a thread called food food and more food, and it is listed in there. I am on my iPad so I cannot link it for you.
  9. weaselwatchr

    Food, Food, and More Food

    Thanks so much for doing this!
  10. weaselwatchr

    Lotus Spa?

    It is much more expensive then going at home. I have however won gift certificates to the spa from ship raffles and did enjoy a hot stone massage.
  11. weaselwatchr

    Princess Secrets they Don't Tell You - 2013 version

    I forgot about the treasure hunt. We usually go to the spa open house. They have a drawing for various spa services. Winner must be present. We have entered a few times and won only because the drawing is generally at a time people are at early seating for dinner. We have won a hot stone massage on one cruise and a $100 gift certificate on another. Send from device_name using Cruise Critic your_app_name App
  12. weaselwatchr

    Battery Grip Alaska Cruise

    I have a Nikon and did a 16 day orient cruise last year. I brought my 18-200 with me as well as my battery grip. It was nice not to worry about charging batteries. Send from device_name using Cruise Critic your_app_name App
  13. weaselwatchr

    Time zone changes on Baltic cruise?

    That is a great cruise, but very exhausting due to all the time changes. Enjoy your trip. Send from device_name using Cruise Critic your_app_name App
  14. weaselwatchr

    Back from Ruby Princess

    We leave on this same trip in sept. Can't wait. It will be our second sailing on the Ruby and second time to the Mediterranean. Glad you had a good time. Will patiently wait for your review, thanks for sharing. Send from device_name using Cruise Critic your_app_name App
  15. weaselwatchr

    Princess Secrets they Don't Tell You - 2013 version

    On my cruise, they just had the book at the library and you picked it up. Send from device_name using Cruise Critic your_app_name App