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  1. We pretty much researched, read these boards and based on information, comparisons, past experience on different lines we ended up placing a deposit with 3 other couples on the 2024 Viking World Cruise.  We have done Viking River cruises and love, but never an Ocean cruise.  Plan on doing one next year just to confirm our choice.   

  2. Met with several life long couple friends and we all decided to go on a World Cruise  in 2024.  I know its far out, but apparently 2023 Viking and Oceana sold out quickly.  6 Weeks for Viking and I heard 1 day for Oceana.  No segments.  Great information on this thread.  We have just started researching.  Have done Asia and South America with Princess and loved it, but agree by the time you add shore excursions etc. you are up to the premium lines prices besides the crowds etc.  

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  3. We have our first Oceania cruise scheduled for July from San Francisco.  Carnival just cancelled our April Spring break cruise and offered Option A 100% FCC with Additional $600.00 on board credit.  FCC to be used by 12/31/2022 or Option B 100% refund in 90 days.  Shore excursions, prepaid tips, beverage packages, port charges etc. immediate refund no matter which option is chosen.

    All Oceania talks about is if client cancels cruise and how great their cancellation policy is.  What happens if they cancel cruise?  I can't seem to get answer from anyone.  Does anyone know?

    Side note,  Carnival has canceled all cruises from San Francisco for 2020.  I'm 99% sure we aren't going, but going to make them cancel.

  4. We are on the April 11 sailing. Spring Break.  Had been looking forward to this cruise.   We are also still planning to go.  Group of about 14 family and friends, some over 60, but will be watching events as they unfold.  Know some health care professionals and virus is basically a bad cold.  If you are old and have other issues you should be concerned.  Potential quarantine of 2 weeks is a major problem.  According to CDC 10/1/2019 to 2/29/2020 there has been an estimated 20,000 to 52,000 flu deaths in USA..  Not sure if this really is the black death or reason for such high anxiety unless we are not being told everything.  Virus is here to stay and not going to disappear.

  5. 5 hours ago, mzjan said:

    When I posted this picture, I didn't do it being ungrateful or disappointed. I have a lanyard with some bling-bling that I really like  but my husband wore this lanyard while we were onboard, he likes it. We certainly don't cruise for the Platinum gifts, so many other perks come with being Platinum that we enjoy that we will continue to cruise with Carnival....like I never want to wait in long embarkation/debarkation lines!!! 😉 People getting upset and throwing Carnival under the bus over a gift they don't like? Really? I cruise because it is a relaxing vacation for me, not for the gifts! Cruise on.....

    Was not planning on saying anymore on this subject, but I am disappointed  Not ungrateful.  We have done over 26 cruises with Carnival over 25 years. Always several cabins.  Probably have spent over $100,000.  If carnival is hurting just stop the platinum gifts.  They always gave ok gifts.  It was always fun to be surprised.  The lanyard was cheaper than anyone they sold in their gift shop and to me personally took as a slap to the face.  We do enjoy all the other benefits however.  Having said this, we just booked another Carnival cruise on the Panorama next year.  Also am stockholder which is really a great program for onboard credits on all their lines.  I am sending our lanyards to the President of Carnival Cruise Lines, Christine Duffy and telling her to go ahead and recycle.  They probably need the money. 

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  6. We just booked Panorama for next April.  We have cruised out of Long Beach several times using the Parking garage and never had a problem arriving early before 11:00 AM.  Has the situation changed?  Does anyone know when they expect the garage expansion or if its being built as we speak?  Panorama is supposed to arrive this November so you would think work would be going on expansion.

  7. When we got lanyard on magic 2nd day I really thought how nice an additional little item.  Later on in the cruise when comparing notes with other platinum guests, I couldn't believe that this was the gift.  everybody pretty much agreed if this is the way they treat their frequent cruisers, we don't need to go anymore.  Along with poor service with drink servers.  They hook you on bubbles program and then make sure they drag out drink service because they know they already got your money by cutting down server numbers.  Years ago you couldn't get rid of those guys. Just venting.  2nd post on this subject but it really bugged me. Final Post




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