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  1. jordans mom

    Norwegian Getaway TV HDMI in port for laptop

    THANKS MKing very helpful!
  2. jordans mom

    Norwegian Getaway TV HDMI in port for laptop

    Hi any chance you could post links to your other discussions? Thanks!
  3. jordans mom

    Norwegian Getaway TV HDMI in port for laptop

    OK - so if I follow this thread. If I bring a HDMI cable - I should be able to connect my device directly to the TV, use the TV remote to change inputs and display my content on the cabin TV? I was a bit confused about the OP casting comments. So the cabin is a Smart TV & has a Chromecast app? if I bring my laptop with Chromecast loaded - I should be able to cast wirelessly to TV? Would you not need to have purchased onboard WiFi time to be able to do that? THANKS!
  4. We are wondering if there is any authentic Mexican food spot within walking distance of port for lunch? we have to be back on board by 3pm so lunch is the only option....would want to be able to sit down and relax while noshing away!!! ..not interested in corporate chains
  5. I recently saw an NCL post that said the UDP covers Harvest Caye. I am also fairly certain I read on boards/threads somewhere - people saying the NCL UDP , IS NOT honored on Harvest Caye. So if anyone has travelled this season (2018) and visited Harvest Caye and had a UDP - were you able to utilize it at the beach there or not? :cool: :cool: THANKS!:cool::cool::cool::cool:
  6. Anyone have experience in arranging a large group photo on the GETAWAY ? Having travelled a number of NCL cruises, I know they have photographers available midships for taking more formal photos. But we usually are just 2-3 people in the photo. I want to make sure that we can schedule a time where a large group is able to have forrmal shots taken as a group. If someone has a suggestion as to how to arrange this or if I might be able to do it in advance - please share with me!! We are off to Western Caribbean at the end of April. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!
  7. jordans mom

    Getaway dailies

    OOPS Found the OP link...posting it as well.... https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?p=54736747#post54736747
  8. jordans mom

    Getaway dailies

    these are from end of 2017 may have later ones- prob the same.... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XuDNOgImHHiUSKjFRF3nLAJmQNzzyaJO/view?usp=sharing
  9. jordans mom

    Getaway dailies

    I have a copy from another poster - but cannot locate it in the Forum let me see if I can post
  10. jordans mom

    Eastern Caribbean itinerary cancelled Apr - Sept

    Hi out of curiosity - how were you able to insert that image in your posting?
  11. jordans mom

    Eastern Caribbean itinerary cancelled Apr - Sept

    '' Official letter going out next week Looks like the TA's were notified first - they notified their clients - - and now we all know..... I was told if you want to cancel - even if you paid - they will let you off the hook - but probably have to do that asap' They are crediting cabins with a few $$ of onboard credit - -so there is that
  12. Just got note that our late April itinerary will be shifted away from St Thomas.(and other planned E. Caribeean stops - they apparently are rerouting through September 2018....too bad ... was looking forward to seeing USVI - - maybe another year! Hope the islands continue to recover and look forward to trying to visit again in coming years!
  13. jordans mom

    "Getaway" Eastern Caribbean advice please...

    I see you did Eastern Caribbean - can you share any tips? Any chance you have the dailies? We are going end of April, jave not been to any of those ports exc Nassau
  14. jordans mom

    Eastern Caribbean from Miami Winter 2019/20

    Sand and Seas. We are booked for Eastern Caribbean on Getaway in late April - can you share tips for the EC ports!?
  15. jordans mom

    Port of Miami - CONSTRUCTION?

    saw a comment on another thread that there is significant construction going on in Miami Cruise Port. (1) is this true (2) if taking a shuttle from a hotel to Port - how much extra time should we think abt adding to shuttle time