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  1. I agree... we are more fearful of flying than cruising.... we have to do two legs to get to Florida... 8 hours minimum....
  2. Seriously, tho, we are currently debating our January 2021 cruise, which is booked with some cruising friends from Chicago. We are mid-60s, they are early 70's. Some of us are immune-challenged. I think we'll hang on to the reservations for now... just in case a vaccine gets approved. We'll never get the same price as we booked, as we book, like many of you, as soon as the itineraries come out..... wish I could sell our reservation on eBay! 😬
  3. You know you are anti-social when the 'at home quarantine' does not change your lifestyle! 😁
  4. Thanks Perky1... that does not show up in my reservation 😞
  5. Thanks All! Cannot find a 'cancel cruise' button anywhere. Will call tomorrow and do my Microsoft Jigsaw Puzzle while waiting on hold!!!
  6. That's pretty neat! I always wondered how that extra bed worked. Would love to see a picture of the bed 'deployed'!
  7. Maybe I'm just being dumb? ... but I cannot see this as an option in my account. We have 2 x 2021 cruises booked, and for now, we want to cancel one of them. Cruise was booked directly with Celebrity. Hoping to avoid getting in the telephone 'queue'. Shouldn't this be possible?
  8. Just received my call - I am also NEGATIVE!!! And, yes, @phoenix_dream - also the answer we anticipated, but great to confirm, with all this madness. That said, people please continue to show social distancing and stay diligent. Things have slowed down in Canada, but not so much in the U.S. We want to cruise next January..... Stay healthy, stay home as much as possible, wash your hands... you all know the routine... let's 'Just Do It'
  9. My DH got the call about 30 minutes ago, and he is NEGATIVE!!! However, I've not yet received my call... was waiting for both before posting....
  10. Thank you mayleeman! We were finally contacted and have an appointment for our test tomorrow. Then, 3-4 days for results. We'll then also be at the 2 week mark anyway, but will at least be able to confirm that my DHs cough was not a 'mild' case, which was the concern.
  11. We STILL have not been contacted to get the test, so we are going to assume that they are less concerned with us than others. We're still in quarantine, but at this point, consider it self-inflicted. My DHs cough is almost gone now. I'm sure there is little to no concern that we brought home anything more than a cough. 🤷‍♀️
  12. He came home with the cough. At that time, there was an issue if you had several symptoms, such as cough AND fever. Then, of course... things changed. 3 weeks later, it was only one symptom. Regardless... ALL cruisers should be concerned, not just those off the Reflection. I do not apologize for worrying anyone. EVERYONE should be very concerned.
  13. We have yet to be contacted to get appt for test, and it's been over a week. I think, since there is a shortage, they decided we were not high priority, since we arrived home BEFORE all s*** broke loose. We are still staying in quarantine, to be on the safe side.
  14. Yes, it's the same for him - we think it's the flying. We're at four weeks home today. It is subsiding, but still there! Just bad timing, as no one wants to be around him (except me, of course 😁)with what's going on, and you can't blame them. AND, we still have not been contacted to be tested, so home we stay, for now.
  15. Thanks for the info - seems to be a product in high demand at this time... almost $37 for 4 ozs😬
  16. Nice to hear. Challenging times for everyone. Happy that they made you 'right'
  17. The past few weeks, about to be months, have been a very tremulous time for every one. In every country. I do not believe there will be a single individual on this continent that will not be directly affected by Covid19. Hopefully... not health affected. But, for certain financially affected. This is a good time to sit back and: (1) Count your blessings, if, financially, you can ride this out (2) Count your blessings, if, health-wise, you have been unaffected The best thing we can do is be cognizant of the ever changing requirements, as dictated by our governments. They can only do as well as the science is giving them. AND, the scientists are doing their best. And, it is changing daily. Please be kind to yourself, by protecting yourself in the way that you've been instructed. Please be kind to your neighbours, by doing the same. Please be kind to the people you know that may need your help... the elderly... the quarantined... the self-isolated. This really is a time to reflect and come together. Whether that means 'staying away' or reaching out. P.S. Currently under gov't quarantine as the result of being on a cruise ship PRIOR to the outbreak, but hubby came home with a nasty 'dry' cough that will not go away.
  18. You are correct - no my DH does not have a fever - it was his persistent dry cough and the fact that we'd recently traveled, on a cruise ship, that garnered our quarantine. Had we not traveled, there would not have been a concern at that time. Now, a few days later, is again different. As for online ordering of food - I do this weekly, but the website was hung up. I went to a different store and managed to get a home delivery for Wednesday (order placed on Saturday!).
  19. Yup, I would! We're just not quite there as yet. We've had a ton of offers, so we're covered, in the event that things get that far, which I do not believe they will. We will continue to stay at home and enjoy each others company, hopefully get our test soon, and carry on to help others, once we are deemed healthy!
  20. We do, I just have a problem asking someone to stand in line 🙂 I was finally able to get an online order in, for delivery on Wednesday and will manage until then. But thank you!
  21. We arrived home from a Reflection cruise on February 21st (GREAT cruise, BTW!!). My DH has had a cough since we got home from cruise, which is actually normal for him (always seems to pick up s** on flights). The cough kept hanging on, longer than usual, so I called our doctors office yesterday. His asst said to immediately self-isolate and contact Health Link. Well, after 7 hours of trying to get through, and then 30 minutes on hold, we went through the assessment. ONLY because we were on a cruise ship, we are both being tested. It has been 3 weeks, and we arrived home before all crap broke loose with COVID-19 in Canada. We are now waiting to be contacted to do the test (24-48hrs) then another 4-5 days for results. We're being patient, all for the greater good. But, it is frustrating trying to comply with quarantine. I always put in a weekly online grocery order, which I conveniently pull in, call, and they bring my order to the car. I order the day before my desired pick up. Today, I tried to place my order, and the first available slot was Wednesday (4 days from now). I sucked it up, and continued with my order, but, be damned... could not complete my order (options to continue were 'greyed' out). It would appear the system is overloaded? Yikes... we are in an area considered to be a very low risk.... What is wrong with people that, I am assuming, are being fear mongers? I, seriously, watched the 9am Costco store opening, last week, of the 'we NEED to have 300 rolls of toilet paper' people race through the store. It was, seriously, the funniest thing I've ever witnessed. But now, I just want to get my groceries, without having to enter the store, to honour my quarantine. It seems that will not be possible.
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