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  1. On the Getaway last month, the lady that won the "free cruise" told everyone, after receiving the "prize" that it was actually $600 towards a cruise. That isn't exactly a free cruise, is it?
  2. Background: about us I’m starting this as we are on board the Getaway, it’s Day 4, we are in Harvest Caye and it’s raining, but as DH pointed out, if it had to rain, this was the best day for it as we didn’t have anything planned other than hanging out on the beach, which we did yesterday in Costa Maya and we are doing tomorrow and Friday at Infinity Bay and Nachi Cocum. So, to start, a little about ourselves, we are in our early sixties and live in south Florida. We’ve actually lived here for 40 years so although we are semi-retired, we’ve lived and worked here for most of our lives. We have one adult daughter, she left for college in another state 1000 miles away nine years ago and never returned, so it’s just us and our two doodle dogs who are our babies. So let’s start! Our first cruise was on our honeymoon 32 years ago tomorrow on the NCL Southward. We had a tiny room on the front of the ship, where we could hear the anchor going up and down. The room was so tiny, when I showered, I stuck my foot in the bathroom sink to shave my legs! Our next cruise wasn’t until 2005, right after my father died, my mother wanted to take a cruise with us so we took a 7-day cruise on the RCL Mariner of the Seas. We seemed to go in 5 year spurts as our next cruise was in 2010 on the RCL Oasis of the Seas. Then in 2015, after my mother passed away, we went on the Allure. 2016 marked our 30th wedding anniversary and my 60th birthday so for a big celebration we took the Oceania Riviera on a western Mediterranean cruise, which was amazing. To be on a cruise to celebrate the actual date of our anniversary, we took a short cruise that same year in August on the RCL Enchantment of the Seas. I got antsy not going on a cruise in two years so I started looking for another trip for our 32nd anniversary. Since we had done many of the RCL ships that sailed out of our home ports of Fort Lauderdale and Miami, and having heard good things about NCL, I started looking at NCL ships. I was captured when I saw the itinerary of the Getaway since it went to ports that we have not been to yet (except for Cozumel). Im going to post this in short posts as it will be too long in one long one. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  3. I've been trying to figure the whole wi-fi/cell phone thing for the past day or so. I read that your smart phone can be used to make wi-fi calls without using cell towers. We tried it at home and it worked calling cell to cell. My question is does it work if you call a land line? Our dog is going to be neutered while we're on our cruise and we'll want to check on him after the procedure. We'll be at Harvest Caye the day of and Roatan the next day. I know we will have access to wi fi while at Harvest Caye and where we're going in Roatan (Infinity Bay). Will we be able to make a call from either of those places, or while on board the ship, to a land line to check on our boy? Also related, we got the 250 minute perk and I see varying answers as to whether we can upgrade to unlimited when on the ship. If not, we can use the 250 minutes on one device and purchase the unlimited on the other device. How do you know when you've reached your 250 minute limit?
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