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  1. We have just been on Silhouette and they had an hour of ballroom dancing to recorded music in the Sky lounge at 8.00 pm every night. This was poorly attended, only two or three couples, and probably the reason why was because the recorded music was dire and totally unsuitable for ballroom dancing. They did have latin sessions some nights on Level 3 which was where most of the action was before 10.00 pm. Plenty of dancing in the Sky Lounge at 10.00 pm. Do not miss Queen night it was amazing. Hope this helps.
  2. Mens Day! Really! There has to be a joke there somewhere. Sorry to hear Warmunde/Rostock was such a let down. We are fortunate that on our 16 June sailing we are in Stockholm for two days. Try not to let this last port spoil your memories of a good holiday. Thanks again for a great review and the information.
  3. Hi Holly we will be in Stockholm on 21st June, I have just emailed you. Thanks.
  4. Hi Holly what a shame you couldn't take the cruise, I do hope your friend recovers quickly. What a kind offer to pass your Abba Museum tickets on and I would really appreciate two of them if they are still available. We are on 16 June sailing will they still be valid. My email is thedoghouse178@aol.com. Many thanks in advance.
  5. Is the Porch open on the sides like the Lawn Club or is it enclosed. Thanks.
  6. You have no idea how helpful your posts have been - thank you so much. Bernipops
  7. Thank you so much milokama for the information it is very helpful. Looking forward to hearing about how you got on in Stockholm. Enjoy your day(s).
  8. A couple of questions - how easy was it to disembark in St Petersburg on Day 1 did you have to queue? Is the Porch only open for lunch? Did Celebrity not put on shuttles into Copenhagen for a fee? Many thanks for your response.
  9. We have booked a private one day tour for two people with Dancing Bear Tours on our upcoming visit to St Petersburg next month. We gave them a list of places we wanted to visit during the day including lunch and they gave us a price. We had to pre-pay 50% up front on our credit card and pay the rest in cash on the day. Dancing Bear Tours have good reviews on Trip Advisor and were the only company I could find who would do a private one day tour. The reason we opted for one day rather than two is that I couldn't stand the thought of being rushed through palaces and museums with hundreds of other people and not see very much. We would rather just see what we wanted at our own pace. We will enjoy the peace of the ship on Day 2. Everyone is different so enjoy your trip your way.
  10. Four weeks and five days to go from Southampton. Really hoping someone on Silhouette now can let me know so I can give some thought as to whether to upgrade our classic package. Thanks
  11. Actually I am NOT on Silhouette NOW. Unfortunately I didn't realise the start of my post hadn't been put in a quote. It is actually Biotcruisers who is on the ship at the moment. Thanks for pointing out my error though most appreciated.
  12. Currently on Silhouette and the drinks package flyer states the following prices per day:- Standard - $59 Classic - $71 Premium - $83 Can you confirm please if the price limit on the Classic package is $9 per drink as I have read several different views on this. Thanks for any help.
  13. Can you tell me please is the safe big enough to put a laptop in? Many thanks
  14. When I checked in on line I'm pretty sure I only had to put the last four digits of the credit card in. Also when bidding for an upgrade the security code was encrypted.
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