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  1. Al said he used Photoshow2 and if you want, I can send you the song.....MP3 format........ we already have it. Al said to shop online for the photoshow2..he thinks it retails for $39, but thinks you can get it cheaper online. Wish I could send you a copy of our DVD....it really is great!!!!!!! He did an outstanding job. Let me know if you want me to send you the song!!!! Doreen
  2. Lynn....... DH did it and he did a GREAT job. He even added rainbow on one pic and a twirling bowtie on another. I will ask him what he used....it is GREAT and we are going to do it to all of our vacation pics from now on!!!! Will use various songs, obviously, but lots of fun! DD#2 is going on a Carnival cruise w/ her college in May and their song is "I'll Go Sailing"...not sure if that is the exact title, but a nice song. I like Iz's song better, but I like Celebrity better!!! LOL D
  3. Just put our Jan. cruise pics to that song by IZ.......isnt it a great song?????? Put them on a DVD and it is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Here I go again....9151 was the cabin from HEdouble L!!!!! Galley was right above us and we got NO SLEEP!!!! Celeb did give us a small credit after 3 mos of calling and complaining.....as we did while onboard and I documented it all -- we are not hard to please and never do this!!!!! But.....this was ridiculous!!!! We had them on the phone at all hours of the night during this "onboard ordeal"!!!! THEY could hear it while were on the phone w/ them -- they even came to our cabin!!!!!! We LOVE deck 9 on the C-class ships....not on the M-class!!!!!!
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