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  1. My concern is that I booked and NEED a wheelchair accessible balcony cabin. So I really hope they take that into consideration when moving us. This has me biting my nails.
  2. Now that it looks like my Allure OTS TA is being moved to Wonder for Fall 2022, I have questions about WOTS. Let me preface by saying I have done searches to try to learn more about this ship but still have questions. We don't usually travel on the newest ships simply because they are usually much more expensive. This one is kind of falling into our laps. And I know nothing about the ship and imagine there are others like me with questions too. My question for now is does anyone know what the production show is going to be? Like I know Allure has "Mamma Mia" and Liberty has "Saturday Night Fever" but do we have any idea what Wonder will have?
  3. Hi John - can't wait for Sunday to sail on the beautiful Allure of the Seas to Barcelona with you all!!! This will be a wonderful cruise! See you soon!
  4. I don't have any advice for you on your refund, but you may want to change the title of the post so that it says a bit about what it is you are asking for. Something like "Refund Problem?" will help you get answers from people who are going through the same thing.
  5. Likely there are none available. I don't think there are many (maybe only 1) accessible crown loft suites so it's very possible it's been booked. I have never attempted to book an accessible suite (too much $$) but I do book accessible balcony rooms because I use a wheelchair. These show up on the website whenever I have looked.
  6. I haven't been able to search through all the pages of notes here but I was wondering if anyone knew anything about ships doing the Iceland/Norway trips in 2022. My husband and I have that as our bucket list cruise and would like to do it in 2022. Thanks in advance.
  7. The main reason I was looking for the information was so that we could make our dinner plans. Some shows we may want to check out and others we won't care so much (like Love and Marriage show - I know some love it, I am not a fan). So just wanting to get an idea of how to plan out our dining.
  8. I know I have seen on here (but I can't get the search to work for me... argh) who to contact to find out any information about the headliners for cruises. I am curious about who might be performing on the transatlantic we are going on in March. Thanks in advance for your help.
  9. I think it depends on when you purchase the package. If you buy online in the cruise planner ahead of time, it should be printed on your card. If you buy it on the ship it is likely going to be a sticker since your card would have already been printed up.
  10. As you stated, America is only one of 196 countries in the world which may be sailing at any particular time. Those other countries have different religions and may not celebrate Christmas at all. I think the morning with Santa and a brass band sounded fun and festive. As for the turkey, I am sorry that you missed out on that. But Christmas, like any other day, is what you make it and it sounds like you chose to be disappointed and unhappy. I would love to do a Christmas cruise but cannot afford the prices, so in my opinion you were incredibly lucky just to be on the ship on Christmas.
  11. If you check in before rooms are ready, can we have the bartenders swipe the barcode on the app to get our first drinks? I assume that would work, but have never done with without the actual Sign and Sail card.
  12. Does anyone know if the new "Sip. Tour. Brunch" activity (looks like it replaced the unlimited galley brunch) can be booked using the Unlimited Dining Package? Has anyone done this and is it worth it?
  13. We always use Air2Sea for international flights ESPECIALLY for trans-atlantics. The prices are much better for that. I sometimes use them for domestic but sometimes I find better prices on my own so that's a mixed bag. I wouldn't shy away from using them if you get a good fare.
  14. For all Royal knows, you two reconciled and are still both going on the cruise. I would leave it alone and let it be a "surprise" when she does not show up at the port. See you in March! We are on that cruise as well.
  15. I like to unpack everything as early as possible - that seems to make it feel like we are really now on vacation - so if I see our bags in the hallways we always bring them in. Then I can get us settled in and our vacation OFFICIALLY begins. :) Up until then it's still in the preparation mode. Hahaha.
  16. My concern would be that if the ship was aware of a "stomach bug" that they could quarantine the room in case it's Noro.
  17. Thank you so much for this review. My husband and I are doing the Unlimited Dining on our Allure TA in March. We are really looking forward to trying new things and your review got me even more excited about our upcoming cruise. :) Thank you!!!
  18. We will be on Allure for the TA in March. Any idea who the captain will be then?
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