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  1. After much research, my husband and I chose a cruise for our first visit to Hawaii. Several of our friends recommended that we just go straight to Maui for a land only trip, however, we wanted to have a chance to see a bit of each island without the hassle of multiple flights and hotels. It was a great decision. While we did like Maui the best, we were both glad we took the cruise to experience a bit of each island. It was also a whole lot more economical than trying to do an island hopping trip. If you are set on going to Hawaii and are trying to figure out the best way to do it, you REALLY need to factor in the additional cost of food for a land trip vs a cruise. Food is unbelievably expensive.
  2. If you are wanting any privacy, the only thing I would even consider is the 2 bedroom haven suite. When they have the the 3rd & 4th passenger free as one of the promotional perks, it works out to be reasonably affordable. We did that traveling with two relatives and it worked out really well.
  3. I am looking at the Joy for Alaska next year. I was wondering how the concierge suites vary from the Haven with regard to private dining. Does anyone know? Also, are there other perks other than the concierge? I am a little confused by this class of service and the NCL website doesn't really provide much information.
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