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  1. The Panorama Inaugural was amazing! Everything was perfect, and the crew were absolutely top notch. I think I’m going to book on Celebration in the next few days, a Transatlantic sailing has been a dream of mine since 1985.
  2. So heartbreaking. There's another video, taken the night before she reached the anchorage outside of the scrapyard. It's shot from a boat carrying the last CCL employees, as they disembarked. I can't link to it from this computer, but it's beautiful. I've been denying/dreading this day for weeks....
  3. This has been somewhat standard practice for cruise lines for years and years. They don't announce a ship heading for the breakers until the last minute. It's kind of a PR thing, because usually they're headed to Alang India, which is notorious for having almost non existant safety regulations. I'm sure Carnival Corp is very concious of that fact, due to their recent enviromental issues. I'm heartbroken about the loss of Inspy and Fantasy I love them both. 😪
  4. I noticed the same thing, and for maybe an hour I was hopeful she was just going to Turkey to repatriate crew. If she was doing that, it's doubtful that she would be going to Izmir. While this time was coming relatively soon, I was hoping to sail in Fantasy one last time in Sept 2021. 😪
  5. When I worked aboard I had a lot of friends in the Engine Dept, and they always complained about the plumbing and main sewer lines. It was my understanding that a lot of that was done in Mississippi and the Germans had a hard time retrofitting everything to work with the normal way they built ships at the yard. It also took some time for the international crew who came to us from the rest of the fleet to get used to her "quirks".
  6. Only her hull was built in the US, after NCL bought her, they got an exemption from congress to have the ship finished at Lloyd Werft in Germany.
  7. I have a feeling that most cruise lines will be idle for some time. I hope not, seeing as I work for one, but it looks that way. My company is making decisions based on air travel as well. Most of our guests are 70+, and even though we never leave US waters, people don't want to get on planes. It's a very interesting time, and the media is having a field day(or was)bashing cruise lines.😪
  8. I was on her two week Journeys cruise. Like people above mentioned, there is a temp wall blocking anything in the dining room, and from outside they patched her up and pained a black band on the patch to look like the windows. Didn't impact my cruise one bit. I'll post some pics later.
  9. People have always complained about those ramps in the dome, especially if they carry on their luggage. Embarkation in LB on the Inaugural was a bit hectic, but it was in no way bad. I loved the Platinum embarkation in NOLA, even with over 1700 Platinum and Diamonds. Have a wonderful cruise!!
  10. Good morning! I'm so excited for this blog, and I'm finally all caught up. I hope you have an amazing cruise. I just ended my first work week back since the Glory Panama Canal cruise, this will help ease the need to book my next cruise. Oh, beautiful arrival shots this morning!
  11. He was CD on my first cruise on the Jubilee in 1991 and on my second CCL cruise on Ecstasy in 2001. He was great!
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