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  1. Thanks for quick reply . What time of year is the best time to go ?? Which cruise line is the best to use ? Are you better paying the extra for a balcony cabin or is the inside sufficient and just spend time on deck to view? We hope to do the rocky mountainer too , any advice on this would be useful.

  2. I would be worried they will broken as they are transported to my cabin resulting in a very large dry cleaning/laundry bill. We are sailing on Britannia this july should we be concerned about this?:eek:

    Ive got a plastic litre gin bottle so ideal for transporting !!!Happy days May take lemon too!!! the cabin steward generally bring ice in bucket at 6 o'clock if we ask them !!!

  3. Need to have decaf stuff so always take some Yorkshire decaf teabags for a proper brew or sometimes the M&S ones.


    Apart from that we sometimes take loads of chocolates with us as we tend to save the ones left from Christmas or Easter and pig out on the ship ;-)


    Oh, have always taken a 3 litre box of vino but no more as we will be good and abide by the new rules


    Not long for us to go now ---- Oceana is on her way to Malta to pick us up !!!

    We are going on the 8th to canaries and bought a box of wine ,where in your luggage do you put it??Also if taking bottle of gin is that hand luggage ??

  4. I’m new to P&O so just have a question to a seasoned traveller.


    I have just been into my “Cruise Personaliser” to look for a restaurant to book as a treat for our party for my husbands 50th Birthday. However in the select dining option only 3 restaurants appear for booking; Epicurean, Eric Lanlard afternoon tea and Sindhu.


    I was looking for one of the other two; Glass House or Beach House but they aren’t on the list..... can you pre-book these restaurants or is the fact that they are omitted mean I have missed out and they’re booked up? 🙄

    We are on Britannia 8th April going to the canaries and booked Sindhu it is well worth it even just for the experience we ate in the our last trip to the carabbean

  5. Hi, Excuse me hijacking another thread. I am sailing on Britannia in May in D238, opposite side of ship to your cabin. Did you find D deck a good deck to be located on? Were you pleased with your cabin? Thanks for any information you can offer.

    Hi not been yet as were going on 8th April will let know think we were on E deck last time but at the other end and a balcony were as this time its an inside only booked a few weeks ago so not bothered really .Will let you know how we get on.

  6. We are cruising on Azura & have been ‘upgraded’ onto D deck but there is a large void area next to our cabin. The void stretches from midship to aft & we are concerned about what is in it in case it is loud machinery or a staff area where there’s constant noise. Does anyone know what is in this void?

    I,d get this checked out because a friend was next to a void area on Britannia which went all the way down like you said and it was adinning shaft that was in constant use all day and night she asked to be moved which they did after a number of days!!!!Better to get it sorted before you go.

  7. Hello so been allocated our balcony cabin today D720 -

    Has anyone had this cabin? Any reviews? TIA

    Hi were on Britannia 8th April and in D237 not been that far to front but at least its near the stairs as there are no central staircase on Britannia so that is a pain!!! but you can go staight up to sun decks and pool near retreat which is a nice area to sit with a pool normally quiet.

  8. No it was 15 nights on the ship we had a brilliant time.We had not been Caribbean before and really enjoyed it .Did not book any trips with ship as when you get of there are loads of mini buses just fill up and go to different places and you just join in !!! The journey back to the ship was as per normal passport control and security.We are on the Brittannia on 8th April doing 14 nights canaries from Southampton already booked Sindhu it is a brilliant Indian.Hope you enjoy your cruise.

  9. Hi Oceana is was our first ship and still my favourite .Like some of the post say just wear what you are comfortable in and you will be fine .I believe it has been recently refurbish so will be looking good.The atrium is amazing .We are on the Brittannia in April not a ship I would choose but price too good to miss for 14 days and destinations good .We also have 4 formal nights on a two week cruise!! Just enjoy !!!

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