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  1. You are. Thats exactly how it works. Plus, Facebook messenger works and I believe Whatsapp as well. Just know that if you got the free perk of 250 minutes, you can apply the credit to any other package for internet, just not the Social Media package. One other note, it ends *exactly* at the 7 day mark. The wife activated hers on day 1 at 4pm and it ended on day 7 exactly at 4. So it wouldn't work the remainder of the evening, without the 24 hour rate being activated (e.g. another single day rate)
  2. Just went up there and the NCL site still had the upto 5. I am looking at that same one. $255 times 8 people...I would love to get my hands on that one. Would save almost $2000 with all 8 people
  3. Thats always my choice. The other big one for me is the no port taxes. That one alone saved about $300.
  4. dang, thats what I am finding, well at least I am not alone. 🙂
  5. So I ended my last cruise at 28, the next tier is of course at 29, or technically 30, and I would like to take advantage of the discounts on excursions for the next cruise. While it may not seem like much, seems weird that cruises are usually multiples of 7 but tiers come in at 10s... Anyone know a way to get a point or two?
  6. Sorry, that was $1000 pp. So other than adding in the gratuities, it is the price on the web page. Easy enough. Thank you all.
  7. Well, I guess thats good and bad...lol. Good cause I was not missing something, bad because it could be quite a few extra costs. How much do the perks cost? Even just an estimate. Trying to plan something for 7 people and trying to stay around $1000 all in.
  8. Thats kinda my problem. Like running through NCL reservations you can choose some free add ons or buy specialty dining or some other items and when going through Royal Carribean, it really was just cost of cruise, and port fees. Are there no freebies or specials to get prior to booking a cruise?
  9. How does a cruise work? I have done NCL, and Costa before, but when I went through the web site, it just listed out the cruise and $175 onboard. Are there no extras, or gratuities, or are those included in the price?
  10. Nope, all family, 4 kids, 1 girlfriend (to a kid) all 18 and above. If I book two rooms, with 2 in each room and then add the three, does the cost go down or up? I am looking at the NYC to Bermuda, coming in at about $7100 for all with two rooms. Of course rather have one room for 4 than two rooms for 2. :)
  11. Been pricing out cruises for 7 people, but while I normally just do 2 or 4, now with 7 and some of those are maybes, when is the best time to book? Looking at NCL, just because they are the cruise line I prefer, but is there any other cruise line that would be cheaper and offer the most flexibility? For anyone that has done this, is is possible to book two rooms with a few names or everyone? Then if they cancel or confirm, go up or down on the numbers accordingly? There will be a minimum of 4 people for sure, but its the other 3. I am expecting about 7k for rough numbers, May or June of 2020, so more than enough time and want to leave out of New York. Any advice or what to look for to make this as smooth as possible, while still getting the best deal. Thanks so much
  12. Don't leave the room all messed up, will be going in that one on the 17th.
  13. I will have to pay closer attention....in about 25 more days....LOL
  14. Oh well, lol, I would prefer the cruise and no Noro....
  15. I don't think I drank/received it on the last cruise. Doesn't bronze take effect on second cruise onward?
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