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  1. Here was our review of the cooking tour as posted on Trip Advisor. My husband and I were on a cruise stopping at Cartagena for part of the day and did not want to see the stock tours of old forts, churches, museums and shopping offered by the cruise ship. We wanted to go where the locals go, eat what they eat. And therefore when we saw this tour offered by Duran Duran - a Cooking Lesson & Market Tour - we jumped at the chance. It was exactly as advertised. Duran and his wife Maria and son Andres are wonderful hosts, and so open to you sharing their lives, culture and history. The trip to the open market is eye-opening - not for people who aren't good on their feet. And a little but scary... you are clearly not in the best part of town. You also need to be able to move through the stalls of vendors and keep up with Maria to find the best and freshest bargains of the day. It was unbearably hot in the labyrinth of the primitive market stalls. But once you emerged and arrived at their home, our cooking lesson was wonderful, fun and so engaging... and the meal absolutely delicious. You definitely help cook the meal. We shredded coconut! We then relaxed on their terrace, before Duran drove us back to the port, right on time. If you want to learn about this gem of a city through the eyes of a passionate local, give Duran Duran a call for this unique experience. Sent from my SM-G935V using Forums mobile app
  2. Which night was Dressy night? Our crew wants to know. Leaving tomorrow! Sent from my SM-G935V using Forums mobile app
  3. I did not see any laundry rooms listed on the deck plans where you can iron your clothes. Are irons available on the Gem? Thanks! Sent from my SM-G935V using Forums mobile app
  4. mking... when the ship docked in Nassau... what time was that? I am thinking of doing a non-ship excursion there that meets at 8:15 am. Can we disembark that soon? Or do ship excursions go first? Thanks.
  5. Does NCL offer the photos you select on a USB drive? If yes, how much? Can you bring your own or have to buy theirs? Is there any incentive for a USB drive with a photo package? Thanks! Sent from my SM-G935V using Forums mobile app
  6. Thanks, mking. What were your highlights and lowlights of the cruise? Was Tim Kaminski the comedian there?
  7. We have a family of 10 sailing the Gem in less than 3 weeks. Knowing their cell phones won't be active most of the time, (college students - no Internet budget) and we will NOT have walkie talkies, what advice do you have for keeping in touch with each other? Any tips that helped your group stay together? Special meetings spots? We appreciate any and all advice.
  8. Our family sails on the Gem next month... and we love soft serve ice cream. Do they have it there? Where? Manned or unmanned? Hours? Creamy or icy? Ice cream or yogurt? Thanks for whatever you can tell me.
  9. Ahhhhh... thank you, Hawkeyetlse. I did not realize the 3rd and 4th person - who were going free did not get the perks. They would be full price. That changes EVERYTHING! 4 of them will have to pay full price for the beverage package AND the tips... $94 per day X 7. Not good for college student budgets. We now have to pay for the 3rd and 4th person's gratuities equaling $189 per cabin or $478. Back to drinks on their own!!! I appreciate your feedback.
  10. My family of 10 are going on the Gem in May to the Bahamas. Our 8 twenty-something kids and girlfriends/boyfriends (over 21) are in two of the cabins - 4 and 4. The perks we chose for them was the 3rd and 4th person free... and tips paid for, so they wouldn't have to spend a dime for the cruise. However, after a long discussion, and they are planning to drink (and it's expensive on college student, new grad budgets,) they asked if they could switch to the Ultimate Beverage Package instead. We told them we would check, but also that they would then be responsible for their service tips, PLUS the tips for the drink package as well - about $200 per person. After weighing the options, at $30 a day, they would all at least have 4 drinks per day, which would more than cover the expense. Before I call my NCL rep after the weekend (we did NOT use a travel agent), can anyone shed any light on their experience if you switched perks AFTER the final payment was made. Was it easy? Thanks for whatever you can share with us.
  11. We are a group of 10 on the Norwegian Gem docking in Port Canaveral in May at 1PM. We are NOT doing a ship's excursion but are searching for other options for fun things for our 8 20-something kids and dates. Not having docked in Port Canaveral before, can you disembark right away once the ship docks? Or do you have to wait until the ship excursion guests get off first? Has anyone been on this itinerary and wanted to get off quickly, but not on a ship's tour? When do you think it is likely we will be able to disembark? Advice and insights, please.
  12. SteerageJoe, thanks for your wonderful guidance. Great advice I will be sharing to our group.
  13. We have a family of 10 going on the Gem in May. Our only rule is that we all eat together for dinner. No specialty dining... in the Main Dining Room only. We went online and called NCL to get a 6:30 reservation for 6 of the nights, but it only gives us choices of 5:30 or 8:30 PM. At that it says they may not be able to seat us all together. Has anyone had any experience getting a later time with a big group? Did you try to arrange it at the Dining Reservations Desk or with the Maitre'd? Successful? Thanks for whatever you can share.
  14. Hello. I collect unique silver pieces and marcasite. NOT GOLD. Any good stores which specialize in unique sterling silver pieces or marcasite? Necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets? (I especially love Judith Jack-look pieces and Brighton.) Will be there for one day on the Norwegian Gem in May. Thanks!
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