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  1. OMG thank you SO much for these pictures!!!
  2. Wow the towel animal thing is so cute! Do they do that on short (4 day) cruises?
  3. Are these cocktails the same in all Serenity's? Same question about the brunch menu. I am going on the Miracle post dry dock.
  4. Loving this review! I am going on my first Carnival ship next month and this review is entertaining and totally informative. I am also a regular solo cruiser but this time I have one of my best friends going since we are embarking out of SF and it's a short drive for us! Seems like you may have called it an early night tonight.
  5. Any suggestions for two younger women who want to just have some drinks and use WiFi for a few hours?
  6. I’m also sailing out of SF (but in April), it’s always been a bucket list thing for me and I don’t need to pay for airfare! I’ve never cruise Carnival so I’ve also been looking for any input! Can’t wait until the first post dry dock so we can see the updates! I haven’t been able to find anything too exciting online yet!
  7. If you go to Instagram and follow the user quoted above you will see her pictures. I used that and some of the hashtags and geo tag to find a few more pictures but nothing worth while to post. I know that all may have sounded confusing to some so just know if I find anything worthy of posting I will do it here 😄
  8. Super excited! I am thinking of booking an April sailing out of SF. It's my closest port and I have always wanted to sail in and out of SF so it seems like the perfect trip. Not super excited about paying double occupancy so I am hoping for a bit more of a price drop! Hoping to get some solid posts once she is out of dry dock. I am new to CCL so I have been trying to read other reviews of sister ships to get a feel for what she may look like when she is back in service!
  9. Yeah it's great, I am currently reading your Pride review since it is closest to the Carnival ship I may book (Miracle). But I am going to also read your most recent Carnival one so I can get a feel for what it's like on CCL vs. NCL. It's so crazy how tiny Sakari is in the Pride review! Like how has it only been about five years - makes me feel old!
  10. Mitsu - I was going to send you a message but it looks like I can't for some reason. I LOVE your reviews and I have been reading your Carnival ones to help me research a potential cruise I may book in April. I was also trying to find the profile for that young solo cruiser who also cruised NCL and CCL a lot. She ended up meeting her wife on one of her CCL cruises. I cannot for the life of me remember what her account was, I think it had fashion in the name? Anyone remember her?
  11. Thanks for the review! How much does it cost to eat in the steakhouse? Do you get the free bottle of wine if you dine solo?
  12. Norwegian does not have slow service. Obvious exceptions on really busy areas like pool deck mid sea day.
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