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  1. So you can get lobster in Ocean Blue without an additional up charge if you use your SDP package?
  2. Dang that closed? I actually loved that place when I went when I was in junior high. They had this awesome thing where you would build your roller coaster and then you could ride it in a simulator. I had a freaking blast at Disney Quest. Now I am actually excited to see what they put in Encore - still wish they ditched the laser tag though. Laser tag is basically either 30 min or cardio or 30 min of hiding if you want to be any good - not my idea of a great time. I've never tried it drunk though so who knows!
  3. Being on Bliss on Escape I had a great time and never paid for extras. Never used Spice on Escape (I had Vibe), thought the pool deck was to crazy. On Bliss I brought my own pool float and just relaxed and worshiped from there. The only time I have felt overwhelmed by people on a cruise/sun decks was on Epic when there was a spring break cruise and all the co'eds were booked four to a room and it was INSANE. I fell in love with the Waterfront on Bliss and it looks like that remains the same on Encore. Normally on cruises I find what I like early on and just stick with it. I am sure I can find enough on Encore. I do still agree that getting ride of Spice was lame - however I think I would be okay without it. That being said I am officially booked on the Encore inaugural TA and won't be worried about sunbathing lol
  4. Ah okay - I thought might have been because I had an international number from Ireland there first (accidentally mixed up contact info with something I had booked a few years ago). I still have two months so no need to panic. Yes I have EVERYTHING filled out but no final submit button because when I hit the next screen after contact the phone number doesn't stick.
  5. Did that, it actually will refuse it if you add anything other than numbers
  6. Just booked a cruise tonight and wanted to finish checking in. For whatever reason NCL.com won't keep my phone number in the personal information page. I have tried logging in and out and still, I will enter my phone number and click through and still says 80% checked in. I go back in and see my phone number is magically gone again. Am I doing something wrong?
  7. Is the set up any different (or is there more space) in the cabins with the long wall oriented either forward of aft? Really thinking about pulling the trigger on the inaugural Encore sailing if the prices hold out a few more days while I double check things at work. Booking online they didn't show any rooms on deck 11 which is what I want. When I had a studio on Escape it was so nice being right next to lounge, on the Epic I hated walking the long distance for water/drinks.
  8. Thanks for the tip! I will do that since I will be splitting it with 4 or 5 girls!
  9. Thank you so much! This was really helpful and I am SUPER excited to book for my next sailing. They are only 349$!! Do you have to prepay for them?
  10. Thanks for all the help everyone! I tried googling and didn't find anything so hopefully it is okay!
  11. How many people can you have in the Villa?
  12. *I promise you I tried using the search function before I posted this - so sorry if the thread is out there and I missed it* Does anyone know where the thread is that had a list of the NCL Charters? I am looking into booking the singles NCL Sky trip on April 3rd (Singles cruise for 20/30 year olds) and I just want to make sure it won't be chartered with another group. I am young and down for a party but I went on a short cruise in March last year and it was OVERRUN by undergrads. They all were in an organized group and were booked 4 to a room and it was way over capacity. I realize the short cruises are going to be more wild and that's fine - just don't want it to be an actual frat party! Thanks!
  13. Man I really am curious as to what type of air they would book for me! I am looking at flights for my departure date and everything is a red eye. I am coming from Norcal going to NOLA. I wonder if on those they opt to let you fly in the day before, I have a friend i can stay with if so!
  14. I would not be very happy with the change, but mostly because I got to SF all the time since it's only about an hour from home. I wonder if the weather will affect next weeks sailing too. Either way I am more on this cruise for the ship than the ports. What's you plan in SF?
  15. I am a baby attorney - haven't even had my license a year yet! I basically do in-house counsel for healthcare organization in San Joaquin county. I was originally focused on being a public defender but I realized my passion for my clients wasn't enough for me to love the courtroom. I am happy where I am at (since its a federally qualified health center) since I am able to really use my skills and still help the same people ❤️
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