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    Quick trip report from Carnival Victory

    We were on that sailing and stayed at the Intercontinental for 3 nights prior! Did you go out into the ocean at midnight thursday night? It was something to see!
  2. johnsmommy


    we are at the hotel right now and it is wonderful!!! everyone is very helpful, grounds and room are great! they are very careful about who comes into the hotel from the beach - you have to have a wristband. I like that a lot!
  3. johnsmommy

    Victory- multiple trips

    i was wondering the same thing!!
  4. johnsmommy

    Carnival Insulated Mugs: Are They Any Good?

    I have been putting my Tervis in the dishwasher for a few years and have had no troubles! Don't forget to use a 20% off coupon at Bed Bath & Beyond for them!
  5. johnsmommy

    Summary of Winning Bids on Priceline, Hotwire, etc.

    I just won the Intercontinental San Juan for $120 June 23-26/11. Does anyone know how long it takes to get into OSJ from here? And is it easy to do without renting a car? Thanks!
  6. johnsmommy

    FCC Question

    thanks! i kind of thought we wouldn't be able to use it on an already booked cruise - thank you for letting me know for sure:)
  7. johnsmommy

    FCC Question

    Last summer, DH and I booked a cruise for this June. A few weeks ago, he decided to go on the VH1 Cruise next week. If he buys a FCC on that cruise, can we apply it to our June cruise? The June cruise is paid in full. Wasn't sure if this was worth it for him to buy! Thanks, johnsmommy
  8. johnsmommy

    Where to stay?

    We are arriving in San Juan 3 days before our cruise in June. I have been bidding on Priceline but so far, they have not accepted my offers! I was thinking of staying somewhere like the Caribe Hilton all 3 nights. Now I am wondering if it would be good to stay there 2 nights and 1 night somewhere like the Sheraton OSJ? I know this is a very subjective but I was just curious if anyone had any opinions. I think we will be renting a car b/c the CH is out of the way. We def want some relaxing beach time but also want to do the Segway tour and go to the Rainforest. Thanks in advance!!
  9. johnsmommy

    Can we do it all?

    I ended up just changing it to the Tubing and Reef. Antours said we would be back by 5 by doing all three but that made me too nervous!
  10. I am also loving the review, we are booked on the Victory next summer!!
  11. johnsmommy

    Can we do it all?

    OOps, I meant Antours!
  12. johnsmommy

    Can we do it all?

    Is it possible to do river tubing, emerald falls and champagne reef all in a day. we will be there 10-5. We are thinking of going with bumpiing Thanks!
  13. johnsmommy

    Website with cabin reviews

    that is great also, thank you... can't wait for my first cruise next year!
  14. johnsmommy

    Website with cabin reviews

    That was the one, THANK YOU! I like the cabin pics one but there isn't one of the room we will be in! Thank you all!