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  1. Our Alaskan Cruise on the Joy for May 23rd of this year was partially paid with Cuba credits from last summer for our diverted Sun cruise to the Bahamas. NCL gave us a future credit for half the cost of the cruise to stay on the cruise, but had to be used by the end of this year. Will be curious to see how this one is handled by NCL. If we end up cancelling, will have the FCC for the July/August 2019 Cuba diversion still to use (allegedly by the end of this year.. but they will have to give us more time), plus the FCC for the remaining balance we paid for this cruise in May. Geez...
  2. Yes we are on the Norwegian Joy out of Seattle. We haven't made our final payment so our TA said she could remove it. Guess we will do that and have her set us up there a day or two ahead. They need to be more clear about that as that will always be the expectation of anyone paying for their flights through the cruise line.
  3. So we haven't always purchased air through the cruise line but we did for our May 2020 Alaska cruise. We have previously purchased air through Disney and RCI as they will handle getting you to your cruise ship if flights are messed up. We recently transferred our cruise to an agent and she has now informed us after speaking with NCL that they do not handle their air travel this way and they will not get. This was our agents message to me. "Yes, that's what they told me. And I specifically asked what they do if flight delays cause my clients to miss the ship, what do they do. H
  4. Hey all, up until now I've been a happy camper mostly with how NCL has handled our upcoming vacation which had to be diverted from Cuba. One of our stops is Freeport, where I have never been. We were going to attempt one of the Jeep or ATV excursions as my mom and Aunt aren't big beach dwellers for extended periods of time, but NCL seems to be struggling to get excursions available for us that day. Only 4 of them, and none of the include either of these options. I called to see if more would be added, and they couldn't be sure apparently. Really none of them are interesting. Has anybody g
  5. I'm sure there are many smaller, far more expensive independent lines that would love to take your money. I'll never understand, as an American and proud proponent of Capitalism, other American's disgust for the mighty dollar, and companies, investors, and individuals desires to make loads of them for their hard work.
  6. Samesies.. looks like my cruise is coming together on my profile. Halfway built, and our Cuba stop has turned into a stop at Grand Bahama Island, and Nassau for our 7/29 cruise on the sun. So we get three stops now (also Key West) , plus half our money back, and half off another cruise in the next year and a half. Thanks NCL.
  7. In NCL's defense, the original story was from industry website. I kept asking "where has NCL made an official statement on this" and as best I can tell nobody had an answer for me. I think people were taking this story from this website as gospel, when NCL hadn't even officially made a statement.
  8. That's an excellent point. In fact my final payment I don't think was due until after the United States issued a warning they were considering doing this. Probably as one last attempt to get the Cuban government to change their policy to what the United States was asking. Once that didn't happen, here we are.
  9. Honestly.. I view it as probably my fault more then anyone elses. Or frankly any of us who booked a cruise to a country where travel, and trade were always precarious.
  10. Also without knowing the actual size of these individual lines, I suspect lines like Carnival, which is an enormous company that owns several different cruise lines of varying levels of luxury, as well as Royal Caribbean which is also a pretty massive cruise line have more margin for absorbing losses such as this. I doubt NCL or MSC are as large, especially MSC.
  11. This sucks, but GA Dave is right. Cruises don't always go as planned. And the lines are not obligated to do anything for you if they don't. Things happen out of the lines control, and they are still private businesses that need to protect their bottom line, as well as their investors. For cruises from September on they are cancelling and starting from scratch. For the ones through August they are doing what they can to compensate customers for their inconvenience in the most generous way possible while not threatening their financial situation. I hope it's not Great Stirrup Cay, but that
  12. I think some of us are just aware and used to the fact that cruises don't always go as planned and it's easier to just roll with the punches then get bent out of shape about it. The Caribbean is the Caribbean. Frankly I wanted to visit Cuba, but have gotten mixed reviews about it. Some friends said they were done in about 3 hours, and there just isn't much to do. Others seem to adore it. Guess I won't get to figure out which way I felt about it. Lol. But damn.. I'm gonna be somewhere in the middle of the ocean and surrounded by palm trees. As a guy from Missouri that sounds like heaven
  13. My understanding is MSC cruises is telling it's passengers "tough luck" and changing itineraries with absolutely no OBC, credit, or refund of any kind. Just me but I think NCL's offer is great. It'll save 50% off a great cruise in the future at some point in the next 2.5 years as well.
  14. Totally agree. I just don't see any official announcement from NCL yet.
  15. I am perfectly fine with this compensation (though may use travel insurance to cancel ultimately if they decide Cuba becomes Great Stirrup Cay). Some of my travel partners aren't lounge at beach all day kind of people (sounds okay to me though). But I think NCL has done fine by us, because I plan on using that other 50% credit for a future cruise to book a cruise in Europe or Alaska in the next year or so. Awesome. But I haven't received this notification from NCL. We are booked on the July 29th sailing of the Sun and all it tells me on my profile is they are still figuring o
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