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  1. Hello everybody, I learned that Veendam is having a refurbishment this April. Any news what is going to be done? Thanks in advance!
  2. Found out the same issue for our cruise. Lots of research, but it seems they are the only vendor.
  3. I still remember the announcements while in Windjammer to vacant our seats in order to ensure the "wonderful experience" to fellow guests :loudcry:
  4. That's funny. For us the Koningsdam is the reason to sail with HAL instead of Celebrity.
  5. Hello everybody, I just checked my reservation and I can see that we are obviously booked on this "performance conference charter" cruise. Anybody else on this cruise who knows more about that? Thanks in advance!
  6. they probably can. When I requested a water pitcher, shortly after X getting rid of them, the room steward refused and said 'no water pitcher, now they wanna make more money with you'...
  7. Hahaha, I am Elite with Celebrity but this Cruise line has became such a joke. Another milestone of maaaaany cutbacks. We are all lucky to have the freedom of choice and they will most likely find their target group. I will gladly remember the Celebrity it was a whole while ago.
  8. Thanks so much for your respond. This helps a lot, since I noticed that it´s quite a distance to the center, right?!
  9. Hello everybody, has anybody been in Sitka lately and can report, if the HAL ships usually dock at the terminal or is there a tender ride? Thanks in advance!
  10. No problem;) Yes, it´s great. You order everything, your pizza or deli, the way you want. You get a pager and we never had to wait more than 6-7 Minutes.
  11. Hi everybody, maybe a weird question, sorry for that;) we are about to board the Eurodam and I was curious about the New York Pizza outlet on Eurodam. We loved it so much on Konigsdam that it became our favourite day after day. I noticed however, that it´s only called NY Pizza on Eurodam and not NY Pizza and Deli. Is Koningsdam actually the only ship that has deli sandwiches on the menu? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hello everybody, Do you usually insist on getting a can? I mostly got one on my last cruise. However, sometimes I received a diet coke thru the dispenser. Every other drink is fine, but the diet cokes thru dispensers (and ginger ale) on every ship so far have been the most disgusting soda I ever had.
  13. The same with us. Elite on X, but the benefits are not worth it. Hope, our next HAL gets as half as good as our first one.
  14. Thanks for reading everybody and your appreciation. Grand Turk was cancelled, instead we had an overnight in San Juan. It was not too bad, since we discovered some nice spots. Usually, we skip PR and stay on the ship. St. Thomas great as always. Did a beach day on our own. First time on half moon cay. What a gorgeous place. Caribbean/Bahamas as you picture it to be. They really put a lot of effort into creating this paradise.
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