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  1. The exception is the breads, which are self service. You share utensils there but its close to hand cleaning stations.
  2. When I read the subject line of this post, my thoughts were "after enjoying our wonderful time on the Zuiderdam again this year, what could have gone so wrong since we disembarked". However, after reading the pax list of concerns, there wasn't anything on the list that was the fault of the ship or HAL. Looking forward to our next HAL adventure.
  3. Denise, same for us. We have medicare through UHC and it pays no matter where we are. We also get trip insurance, which is secondary to medicare. We have paid for onboard medical, submitted claim to UHC/medicare, which paid 100% and listed it as "Foreign Provider on the EOB. We have had four medical claims and all have been paid my medicare/UHC (Alaska, UK, international waters).
  4. Ms G uses probably the same 14 day injector you are referring to. They will not fit into ship provided sharps containers. If dropped off at medical, they will gladly dispose of them. g
  5. All the priest, on every cruise I have been on, have been Catholic. The only day that we have not had access to daily mass was on last cruise where on embarkation day a quilting group took over the location assigned for mass, so mass had to be cancelled.
  6. I always pre-purchase before all cruises and it has always been in room when we arrive, including Alaska. Customer service can be problematic. On our last cruise, in response to posting that shuttle passes for the next port were available at customer service, I approached and was advised that you could not get passes on board. While still standing there, another pax approached the adjacent customer service person and ask for passes for the shuttle and was told certainly, how many. I guess the answer depends on who you ask, when, in fact, everyone should be giving the same answer.. Sorry your purchase was not presented to you as it should have been. g
  7. Check your "Pop-up" blocker, which will block the luggage tags. Also, you might try a different browser. The tags should be there and your computer is not allowing them.
  8. Holyrood is a great place to visit, but was closed on the day you (and us) were there on the 19th. There were unnamed family members in residence that day. g&g
  9. This has been discussed before regarding compatibility with how HAL sends the tags. A "Pop Up Blocker" or some Firewall settings will stop them. Also, trying a different browser can sometimes help. Our desk top will not allow tags to print but can change to out lap top and do not have any problems, both using Chrome.
  10. We have been out with Harv and Marv two times and if I am back again, would not consider anyone else. If you want the best photos, they are photographers and understand the best positions to work from. https://local.yahoo.com/info-204427246-harv-and-marv-s-outback-alaska-juneau?stx=whale watching&csz=Juneau, AK&fr=lsrp
  11. South Queensbury is definitely a tender port. I was just there. Anchor near the railway bridge. Buses at end of pier into Edinburgh for a fee ($15) and 20-25 minute commute.
  12. Another asset available in all of the Caribbean is connection back to US hospitals via fixed wing aircraft. Once evacuation takes place to nearest land, AEROMD, which flies out of St Croix, can be at any runway by the time a patient arrives and transport to any island or mainland air field. Their planes are flying ICU's, fully equipped and staffed with trained crews. The owner/CEO is a practicing ER trauma doctor. While I hope we never need their services, it is comforting to us to know that they are there and capable of caring for our needs.
  13. Judith, thanks for the review. Regarding taking questions, we have an upcoming cruise booked from Copenhagen and would like to hear your thoughts on travel, transfer to hotel, hotel choice and transfer to port. Thanks, g
  14. We recently used Lyft to do this. Just told the driver what we wanted to do and made the stop near SEATAC and were then on our way. To find Lyft or Uber, follow signage to Taxi stand and cross over to Lyft/Uber pickup area nearby. We received really good service from Lyft. Five minutes was the longest wait we had for the four times we used them in Seattle.
  15. Two months ago while on a 14 day cruise, we unfortunately had an unplanned situation and needed a wheel chair on board. I talked with customer service desk and they advised they had chairs for rent, which could be used on board or off when in port. We never took it off the ship but used it until disembarkation. On morning of disembarkation, you can leave it in the state room or turn it in at customer service. Pax was transported to the designated waiting area, chair returned, and staff transported her off the ship to the terminal via a ship wheel chair. The cost for 14 days was $200. g
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