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  1. Here's the thread talking about the Crown shortage!!! 😥
  2. LOL!!! I'll let Greg tell you, but you're probably not going to want any!!
  3. First Crown, now Bacon!!! It'll be a struggle, but somehow I'll manage
  4. Ahhhh, an explanation I can live with. Thank you BlerkOne
  5. Agreed, but then again I've been around the block a time or 2. I've tried many (my wife would say too many) different liquors. I know what I like. I'm set in my ways as to when I drink certain drinks (for example Bloody Mary's are strictly morning drinks for me). Not going to cancel my cruise, but if this is indeed true, I will have to re-evaluate my life!! 😉
  6. Oh no!!!! Crown is my go to, this borders on tragic!!!
  7. I'm using Windows 10 as well, with Edge and have had no issues since deleting the cookies!! So whatever they've done has worked for me. Hope that those still having issues have them resolved as well.
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