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  1. I use online booking agents. You could try one to see if the Pinnacles are available. For my next cruise in November, I have an SB Guarantee which includes Pinnacle. They are now booked, but for the last two months I was hoping (silly me) that maybe we could hit the big time.
  2. I'm in the same boat, but we are six weeks out. November 21 on the Koningsdam. I'm so glad to know others obsessively look at the website to see if a room assignment has been posted. Where on the website are the luggage tags found please? ( My husband takes care of the paperwork so I don't know.) We have an SB guarantee, and I saw that the Pinnacle Suites are now sold. So, we won't be getting one of those! I was hoping.
  3. Carol28

    NS Rolling Stones Rock Room

    Please find out if there is a dance floor! If not, I'll just stand and dance! We're on the Koningsdam on the cruise before Rock and roll is installed. Too bad. I'd enjoy it.
  4. Carol28

    Koningsdam Promenade Deck

    I hope so. I asked about this a while back, but the only response I received was the pool deck.
  5. Thank you for the info. I was wondering if these same packages can be purchased once on board? The home office says no, but I remember buying a package when we were on the Zuiderdam. I’m hoping somebody can tell me if I can purchase packages for dining once I am on board and how much they are.
  6. I hope someone can share this info What are the dining packages offered on board the Koningsdam? Are there packages for dining once in each restaurant? How much are the packages? I know how much each restaurant is individually.
  7. Carol28

    Koningsdam Dining Packages

    Yes, the culinary experience is included and both Ser de Mer and Kitchen are alacarte, but you are given a stipend for eache. $30 for the former, and $15 for the latter.
  8. We are interested in the Ultimate Dining Package that buys us one dinner at each of the five restaurants on board. If we buy it before our cruise, it is $95.00 per package which is a $25.00 savings. HAL representative just told me that these packages with these savings cannot be had once on board. Can someone please verify that we cannot make this purchase at this price once we are on board? What packages are available once on board? Thank you for your info.
  9. Carol28

    Big Screen Lido Pool Koningsdam

    We are Promenade deck sitters and will be on the Koningsdam next month just to try out the new ship. On the Koningsdam is there a space that offers a shady place to sit with the ocean breeze like the Promenade decks offer? We spend lots of time reading, so quiet is good. We have our balcony, but that doesn't offer the breeze or the occasional conversation with a fellow passenger.
  10. Carol28

    HAL still bumping people from dining assignment?

    That's an interesting thread. How do I find the latest one? I'd like to be able to find it often. The one listed is May 2018.
  11. Yes, you did! That's a very early time for dinner. We've also been on 30+ regular cruises and one European river cruise. I'm so glad you were happy.
  12. Which trip would be best to start our travels in middle America? We've already been to Nashville and Louisville and New Orleans. We enjoy walking around pretty towns. Is there a Presidential library in any of the stops? What time is early and late dinner? What type of entertainment is on board and how often? The website says "Broadway style." What is the average age group? 60-70? 70-80? Are the ships well kept? Someone mentioned that when it rained, the stateroom carpets were wet. Anyone else experience this? Are the staffs on board terrific? That's enough for now. I appreciate all of your responses to see if this is a cruise for us.
  13. We did this shore excursion in April of this year. On a bus, you tour Panama city and then go to a small museum where you can see the Mira Flores Locks which I think are the Pacific locks. There were no ships entering so we just looked at the locks. Then we took this very slow train back. If this is the one you are taking, my advice is to NOT take the train car that has windows above the car as you can see nothing up above and the sun is hot. Take the other train car. Then, a bus takes you back to the ship. By the time you arrive at the dock in Colon, the ship should be there. As you drive through Colon, you will realize that you cannot go into the town of Colon as it is unsafe. This is a longer shore excursion than we usually do, but it was our 3rd voyage in the canal so we wanted to get off the ship to see Panama.
  14. Unfortunately, they have a limited amount of books now available. I used to count on a ships' library for my reading even though I always brought my own. Now I make sure my kindle is loaded. I used to browse the tabletop books that HAL had. I don't remember seeing many of those last April. And, there are more cubbyhole on the other side of the Crow's Nest away from the Shore Excursion office.
  15. There was only one review on this site and it was so negative it scared me. We are not into spa activities, but we might wind up with this type of cabin as we have an SB guarantee. So I just wondered? If you have been in this type of cabin, could you please share your impressions?