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  1. I was wondering when RCCL will announce the itineraries for June and July 2021.
  2. We are considering a Crown Princess Cruise. We travel as a couple only. We prefer to join others for dinners (share a table) usually a table for 6. I'm not sure the term that Princess has for its Anytime Dining, but will we be seated with others if we request a table for 6 and if we get the Club Class will that matter? What times are the fixed dinners on Princess? I know it's easier to share dinner with others if we are in the fixed time, but we just prefer to go when we choose, usually around 6:30.
  3. I just read the post that discussed Perry Golf cruises as I am interested in a 2021 Scotland cruise and it is a Perry Golf cruise. We are not golfers. However, it seems that the golfers and non-golfers get along well. We cruise as a couple, just the two of us, but we enjoy meeting others at dinner. What is the possibility on Azamara to be seated with one or two other couples for dinner who we don't know? I have a feeling that a golfer may prefer to enjoy each other's company instead of sitting with a non-golfer.
  4. I guess my title said it all! Does anyone know which dock the Zuiderdam will be using on October 17? Thank you!
  5. At what hotel are you staying? Last time we stayed at the Renaissance which was very nice.
  6. I've two suggestions for restaurants and would like to know which one is better or if another restaurant should be added to the list. The two I know are Porthole Restaurant and Portland Lobster Restaurant. Has anyone a suggestion or favor one over the other? Thank you!
  7. Thank you! The prices that I see online are now higher. (But, of course!)
  8. Hi Everyone! I was hoping to see a list of the wines on the packages that are offered on HAL's Zuiderdam. I am interested in the 4 bottle packages, and there are three different types. I'd love to see the wines offered on all the lists. Does anyone have this information? I did a search on this forum and did not see anything. Thank you!
  9. I want to share we were on the Koningsdam the week prior to dry dock and they were working on it while we were on board. The banging noise was so bad, HAL gave us some cash and upgraded our next trip. I won't travel a ship immediately prior or after its time in dry dock. My friend who works for RCCL makes sure that his mom is not on a ship prior or after and I learned from experience.
  10. Shipwalker - Thank you. I'm excited to see Postmodern Jukebox. I almost went to their concert near me, but I'm glad I didn't since I'll see them on the ship. Do they do just one show? We saw a show of BBC Earth last year on the Zuiderdam. I wonder if it is the same one with the orchestra playing. Do they still have the BB King Room and the Duo Pianos every night?
  11. We will be sailing October 9, 2019. I read some posts that there is no longer singing and dancing shows on board. Is this accurate on the Zuiderdam? What do they have at night?
  12. That's the room we booked. I do hope you are right that you heard almost no noise.
  13. We would enjoy a lobster lunch (not a lobster roll) while we are in Portland, Maine and/or Newport, Connecticut. Anyone have a recommendation for a restaurant within walking distance of either port?
  14. Testa's! We go everytime we are in Bar Harbor. It's on the main street. And, don't forget the blueberry pie. A must!
  15. Dear Spookwife, Please tell me what FCC is and HD?
  16. Or, should I go for the junior suite under the solarium? So confused and concerned about noise.
  17. Am I better off by the elevator in 8010? I thought 8014 and 8514 would be better away from the elevator.
  18. Thank you for the review and terrific pictures. Your review about flies and bugs concerns me greatly. Why do you think that happened? Did other cruisers have this experience? And, did you hear noise from Deck 9 while you were in your cabin?
  19. We would love to book a Grand Suite, but all suites are right below the Windjammer/Pool deck. Please help! I'm so afraid of the noise from the deck above. What has been your experience? Thank you so much.
  20. The first day was very disorganized, especially when boarding the ship. At the port, things were fine and fast. There were many people to sign us in and lead us to the ship. I was surprised at how many port people were working. However, once we exited the ramp onto the ship, people were lined up waiting to enter the doors on Deck 4. There were two entrances and both were crowded. There was no apparent reason. Many who bought the Key membership had no clue where to drop their hand luggage. This crowding seemed very unnecessary and was the first of several examples of disorganization.
  21. I’m the OP. I missed the other posts about this topic and just saw all of these responses in my ‘junk’ email. This was a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question. I am highly amused at the responses my post generated.
  22. I read that several ships were experimenting for a month charging cruisers ten dollars if they ordered an extra main dish. I'm wondering if the experiment is over?
  23. We are sailing May 27. I didn't realize it wasn't finished at this time. Does anyone know how soon it will be done?
  24. FYI - So, we decided to book. We used RCCl. We were told that we could transfer our booking to a TA if we chose or if the rate went down, we could get the better deal. I didn't realize that. THEN, the agent said that there is a Friends and Family offer. Well, I got right on that. So, we got a great deal. And, the cruise went up $200 today. We are HAPPY! I'm not sure it all that info is allowed on this site. I'm sorry if I broke a rule.
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