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  1. Which trip would be best to start our travels in middle America? We've already been to Nashville and Louisville and New Orleans. We enjoy walking around pretty towns. Is there a Presidential library in any of the stops? What time is early and late dinner? What type of entertainment is on board and how often? The website says "Broadway style." What is the average age group? 60-70? 70-80? Are the ships well kept? Someone mentioned that when it rained, the stateroom carpets were wet. Anyone else experience this? Are the staffs on board terrific? That's enough for now. I appreciate all of your responses to see if this is a cruise for us.
  2. Carol28

    Ultimate Dining Package

    FYI - They usually book you for a specialty on the first night if you buy the package in advance. You can re-schedule it if you choose. We did the package on the Koningsdam. If you have OBC, you can book on board using the OBC. Ser del Mer was ok, but not great to me. I prefer the Pinnacle. We won't do the package again.
  3. Carol28

    HAL Canada/New England shore excursions

    Thank you for your help. I needed to see the word 'link' and realized what to do. First, I looked all over the page for an email icon! In Bar Harbor we always have a lobster lunch at Testa's and blueberry pie for dessert! Right next to Testa's (in the middle of town) is the bus stop to Acadia.
  4. Carol28

    HAL Canada/New England shore excursions

    Is there a way to save this post so I can refer back to it in a few months? We're going up there in October and it's too early to focus on this right now for me. It has great info.
  5. Carol28

    HAL Canada/New England shore excursions

    Earlier on this page, someone mentioned a shoe store in Charlottetown, Pei, so I just wanted to know the name. If it's worth mentioning on this site, then I want to know it's name.
  6. Carol28

    HAL Canada/New England shore excursions

    Please tell me the name of the shoe shop in Charlottestown!
  7. Carol28

    Koningsdam: Differences of note

    We were on the Koningsdam at Thanksgiving time. The 'routines' were ones we had seen on other ships in the last few years. I agree with you. I enjoy the theater, but am tired of seeing the same shows. I will say the staging is different, especially the the one about the musical instruments which may be called '1000 Steps'. I enjoyed the technical aspects very much.
  8. Carol28

    Koningsdam: Differences of note

    We love the shady Deck 3. We did not find any other place that has shade and a breeze. At the pool, there are shady spots, but no breeze. We're back to the Zuiderdam this year.
  9. Carol28

    Signature Suite question...

    We get double Cruise Day credits for a suite and we use an online TA. I'm not sure what a 'published fare' means. Perhaps a family member who gets a better rate that is not published does not get double credits.
  10. Carol28

    Koningsdam: Differences of note

    We missed it very much. We enjoy the deck chairs on the Promenade deck, reading and chatting with others. We did not sit too long at the pool on the Koningsdam. The seating above the pool area does not get a breeze as there are partitions that stop the breeze. We were on the pre-dry dock cruise and now know NEVER to book that time period again. We had an 'okay' cruise, but won't take the Koningsdam again. We're booked on the Zuiderdam later this year. Love that ship.
  11. Carol28

    HAL Neptune Suite Amenities Question

    We just had one breakfast in the Pinnacle on the Koningsdam. The staff seemed very confused. It took too long. We never went back. We did enjoy the fresh fruit in our cabin in the morning and then had a bite in the Neptune Lounge.
  12. Carol28

    Careful booking cruise before Dry Dock

    Thank you for the information. I will be calling my travel agent about this when she returns from her vacation.
  13. We just got off the Koningsdam and now she is heading for Dry dock. Please be forewarned. There is a pre-dock preparation that happens the week before dry dock. Unfortunately, the noise was right outside our cabin for an 11 day cruise. Yes, we complained. And, it did not stop. We were compensated and we have no complaints about that, but the noise did ruin our quiet time in our room. We stay in our cabin in the afternoon. The noise could be from 7:15 am sometimes until 5:00 pm, though they did say it could go until 7:00 pm. And, I understand the week after the dry dock, they are finishing up.
  14. Carol28

    Careful booking cruise before Dry Dock

    We were in 7120. Another couple we met had problems with their cabin air-conditioning.
  15. Carol28


    We just got off the Koningsdam this morning. They also did the Billboard show and 1000 steps which we had seen on another ship and one other that we missed ( but we had seen already). I wish they'd change shows so that we could have some variety.
  16. I think I was just insulted. Sarcasm is never appreciated.
  17. I usually pour a glass from the bottle in my room and take it with me if I choose. They'll replace the wine glass in your room if one is missing.
  18. I bring my own tea bags for the mornings because I'm particular.
  19. Are these places free? And I heard there is a Dutch Cafe where the drinks cost, but the sweets are free. Is that true?
  20. I just went to your link. On what website did you find this? I'm wondering what other interesting documents are there.
  21. We will be on the Koningsdam on November 21. It stops at Bridgetown in Barbados, Fort-de-France in Martinique, Castries in St. Lucia among other places. We prefer to snorkel from the beach and do not have our own equipment. Is there a beach on one of these islands that offers this and would be a good place to enjoy the beach, too?
  22. Carol28

    Snorkeling from the shoreline

    Are you kidding me? This was a terrific response! I'm going to ask you about the other ports. Thank you so much! How about Philipsburgin St. Maarten, St. Thomas, or Half Moon Cay? And thank you again!
  23. Carol28

    Snorkeling from the shoreline

    Are you kidding me? This was a terrific response! I'm going to ask you about the other ports. Thank you so much!
  24. Carol28

    Thanksgiving Dinner

    Here’s my question. Do they serve real turkey on Thanksgiving day or is it the turkey roll?