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  1. Hi Folks - we just booked Jan 16 and Jan 23 on the Caribbean Princess. And already I am looking up details and making packing lists. Does anyone here know if the Caribbean Princess has a Thermal Pool as part of the Lotus Spa? Just so we are talking the same terms, a thermal pool is the kind with really warm water, a bubble bench, hot rinse in pool showers, and jets. And if they do have a Thermal Pool, does anyone have an idea of how much they cost? thanks a bunch, Blake
  2. Hi - First timer on Celebrity. Since I have diabetes I am going to need a sharp's container for our room to hold my used needles and strips. On other lines I just put in a comment when I registered but I haven't found a space for it yet. Is this something I should call Celebrity about or just wait and tell the room steward? Thanks Blake
  3. We are going to be spending a few days in Yokohama before the Celebrity Millennium does a trans-Pacific in about a month. I am starting to think of what kind of souvenirs would be good to bring back from Japan. Any Suggestions for someone who won't have a lot of spare luggage space. Nothing breakable since I am a klutz.
  4. For those of you who are spending some extra time in Japan, are you considering getting a wi-fi hot box or a SIM card for your phone while you are there. Our service provider in Canada will charge about $60 for our same data plan here. But I am pretty sure that won't be enough for all the map searches and information gathering. Not to mention streaming things while waiting around. What do you do? Thanks
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