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  1. We are at 20 today and can’t wait to be in the teens tomorrow. Cruising is finally going to happen!
  2. Oops, I meant sea day! That includes $25 in free play and two free drinks, so not a bad deal.
  3. On one of the Oasis class ships, it was almost impossible to get a seat at the crowded tables on a port day. Taking the class guaranteed a seat once the casino opened for the day. Almost no newbies at the classes, only shrewd players.
  4. That is my favorite gam (actually my only game other than slots), but if I don’t have $200 to start, I don’t usually last too long.
  5. It is difficult to stay in a table game with $20 unless you get very lucky very quickly; you probably will not be able to play long enough to learn the game. I recommend going on the third day with $60 instead. You will have a better chance of playing long enough to learn and enjoy the game while staying within the $20 a day you are willing to invest. My use of the word “invest” rather than “lose” should tell you something about me!
  6. During a conversation about credit card perks (statement credits on Amex, 3% on a BOA card, etc), my PVP told me that he could refund one card and charge another if I wanted. It is certainly worth asking.
  7. That is exactly why we chose Allianz. And their website spells out everything we need to know so much better than GeoBlue did. My only concern is not needing the annual policy until February, because I will be applying the existing policies differently than if we continue with individual policies (using them sequentially vs. applying them to the more expensive cruises). I think I have a tendency to over analyze pretty much everything, and the annual plan starting next year will be fine!
  8. I have seven unused policies through insuremytrip.com that I am trying to sort out. Yesterday we checked out annual plans and decided to use the seven already-purchased policies for our next seven cruises, then switch to an annual plan through Allianz. It will save some money and the aggravation we experienced with the purchase/move/cancel merry-go-round we have been on.
  9. Even more disappointing to me is that this seemed to have been covered in today’s TA webinar, but no mention of when ships will be restarting.
  10. I am also happy that we are booked on the Magic, the Mardi Gras, and the Horizon, as I think those three are very likely to sail. I wish I could be as confident about my Royal Caribbean cruises; the Brilliance has not yet been announced and I am not confident about being able to sail out of San Juan on the Explorer in December. I am so ready to be certain that cruises booked will be cruises actually sailed, with no more disappointing changes.
  11. I received my refund yesterday for the August 2 Mariner, which was cancelled on June 4.
  12. Same here, neither of us can get in via iPad or Mac. They must have sent the urgent email to a lot of us at one time and the system is overwhelmed.
  13. Spreadsheets! After so many cancellations, rebookings, moving money from one cruise to another, and tracking refunds, my spreadsheets even have spreadsheets.
  14. OP here. No cancellations yet, final payment due on the 10th. We will wait until after the TA webinar tomorrow (if they have one) and then make the payment.
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