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  1. My SO sent an email to the Department of Marine Resources in the Bahamas, inquiring about the need for a license. We have printed out the response saying that no license is required for surf fishing, and packed it with the fishing gear. Just in case. I had to look up Fishbites. We used a different brand of Fishbites last week on St. Pete Beach and will be taking another package with us. They worked pretty well and were so easy, no point taking the time to search for live bait and take along a bucket. Thank you!
  2. Thank you. Since we are using off-site parking, we can’t just take the knife back to the car if it is rejected, so I think he will have to take something smaller, as geezersgirl does. I hope the last sentence shown is something we will actually need to know, and isn’t overly optimistic 😄
  3. Yes, I did check there. I am hoping to hear about other people’s personal experiences, even possibly get some tips. If anyone ever had hooks or sinkers confiscated, for example, because they were interpreted to be weapons, that would be good to know.
  4. We will be taking fishing gear on the 4-night Liberty sailing on September 2. My SO would like to take a folding rod, reel, pliers, fish grabber, knife with 4-5” blade, and a small plastic box containing hooks, weights, bobbers, etc. Will the knife be permitted on board at all? If not, can I substitute a small pair of scissors (better than nothing)? And should these items be packed in carryon or checked luggage?
  5. Can you put all of the luggage in the cabin of the Platinum guest until the other cabins are available? You can also put everything in your luggage inside a large trash bag, using it as a waterproof liner, just in case.
  6. Thank you, I also want to book an additional cruise and will call them when I have plenty of time to spare. I have loved the shipboard experience in the past, not so much the telephonic experiences.
  7. I have a cruise booked that is now showing up on the Labor Day sale at a lower price. I would like to change the “experience” and cabin I booked, apply the loyalty discount that was not available when I originally booked, and take advantage of the lower price. Will I be allowed to cancel and rebook or have all of those changes made to the original booking?
  8. In the past, there were no free drinks available other than during the hours the buffet was open. Has that changed? Are flavored waters and lemonade available all day?
  9. I intended to have lunch on embarkation day in the Compass Deli. I was still following a low-carb diet pretty stringently on Day 1, and I remember looking at the sandwiches and thinking, “What huge hunks of bread!” I had a bowl of soup and a fruit cup, and would probably have enjoyed the Windjammer more.
  10. It was also on the 5th (last) night of the previous cruise, June 19. That was the only time I have noticed something “special” served on the last night. I believe there are generally fewer people dining in the MDR on the last night, so perhaps they are trying to either encourage attendance or limit the amount of lobster required.
  11. We were on Deck 6 (the “half” deck) in June and found it very convenient. We were just three cabins from the elevator in an OV and found it quite easy to get to the cabin from anywhere on the ship. There are approximately six stairs to get to Deck 6 from Deck 5, so it would not be as easily accessible for those with mobility issues or baby strollers.
  12. If we were to settle into beach loungers, would it be fairly convenient to go to the pool area and eating areas and not have to move our things or give up our chairs?
  13. I thought it would have been a good deal, but tequila doesn’t like me. We fully intended to do the aviary/hanging walkway tour, but somehow time got away from us and we were too tired/hot/lazy and just went back to the ship. At noon, there was a quite interesting boxing match at one of the bars (you can see most of it from the right place in the pool). The only place I have ever been willing to stay at the port is Grand Turk, but it works out quite well in Costa Maya.
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