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  1. When it looked like suspensions were going to be in 30-day increments, I figured Port Canaveral and private islands would be first, so I booked mid-June. Then Carnival stated no over-70 letter, so I booked July. Carnival cancelled, so I booked Royal for July. Add on a couple of casino comped cruises, two Lifts and Switches. Repeat, repeat, repeat. At one time I had eleven booked, down to nine now, at least one a month through January. I keep making changes in response to cruiseline changes, and I know what my next moves will be at all times. It takes a detailed spreadsheet to keep track of it, but I enjoy it and I really didn’t have anything better to do. I can’t wait to see which cruise we will actually get to sail on!
  2. I believe Lift and Shift has to be to the same cabin category.
  3. I agree wholeheartedly. I am also booked on karena1’s August 3 cruise, and acknowledge that although there might be a slim shot at actually cruising, I enjoy feeling hopeful and optimistic about it. It is helping this not-so-enjoyable time of my life go by just a little more quickly. I am practical enough to have booked the same cruise in late September, while hoping that I sail in August so I can cancel September.
  4. I would go anyway. I don’t want to have to explain what will be done to make cruising safer, I prefer to tell them about it after the fact, when I can describe what was done.
  5. For those of us who intend to cruise soon after it resumes, have you thought about what you are likely to hear from your family and friends when you tell them? I don’t expect good wishes from everyone, at the very least. Maybe not anyone! I am thinking about telling my sister, so somebody in the family knows where to reach me in case of emergency, but not mentioning it to my adult sons until I return.
  6. I once bought third-party insurance for the same cruise twice. They fixed it, but with errors along the way that were a pain to straighten out. It would probably be extremely difficult to do something wrong that has never been done before 😄
  7. I had a three-night on the Mariner booked in late October, then the Harmony in early November. I was possibly being overly cautious, but I was afraid they might not let anyone board who had been out of the country during the previous 14 days. Rather than risk seven nights on the Harmony (that was comped) over three nights on the Mariner (that I paid for), I cancelled the Mariner. Like I said, I was probably being over cautious, but it wasn’t worth the worry. I wonder if they will allow B2B at all on the initial cruises?
  8. Good point. I believe the Mariner will be one of the first to sail, which is why I booked it in June, then July, and now August. Probably the best chance of being on one of the early cruises.
  9. You are breaking my heart! At the time I booked the August 17 cruise, the latest cancellation date was June 11 and I was thinking it would stay in thirty-day increments (so possibly the 3rd cancelled and the 17th a go). But, there is nothing to lose by trying. And all of the research and strategizing has at least given me something to fill my time and keep my brain active during the stay-at-home period. And thank you yet again for another tidbit of info - now I know that NRD is forever NRD.
  10. So I didn’t misunderstand the terms and had it right all along? Great! If the Indy sails, we have a week afterwards to decide if we want to go again so soon, and if it is cancelled we at least have another shot at a cruise. The practical part of me expects to lose both cruises in a single announcement, but I can still hope.
  11. Almost forgot the original question: do I have any other options other than moving the non refundable deposit prior to final payment date? Lift and Shift won’t work because I already did that for the same cruise at that time next year.
  12. I would have to do that by June 3 (final payment date), though. My intent was to make a move once they make the next announcement, whatever that might be. It will definitely include August 3, and that is where I thought I was doing the right thing.
  13. The cancellation policies and CWC make it very attractive, as there is nothing to lose (except possibly the Mariner I just asked about). I don’t book cruises I don’t intend to take, and the cancellations are disappointing but profitable. I have $600 OBC on one and $300 on another Carnival cruise for rebooking two that were cancelled rather than requesting a refund. I lifted and shifted one from June to next June; I paid $700 for four nights on the Mariner in a corner aft balcony for this year and moved it to the same cabin that would be $1,400 next year. I already had the Rhapsody booked and moved it to the Oasis next year with price protection. I am fairly certain that the August 3 Indy will be cancelled, so I booked the same cruise for the end of September. If we sail in August, I will cancel or move September. Meanwhile, I am locking in some really nice prices. I have some money tied up, but I know it will eventually be used and it came out of a separate account that is used for only cruising. It also keeps the disappointment and frustration over cancellations at a manageable level.
  14. I am already pretty much there 😂. That is my strategy, but for a month at a time rather than every other week.
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