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  1. Keep in mind that you would need a $25 minimum to use the rewards points on that card. I have two accounts that I use to build up points, but sometimes I like to use rewards immediately, as a discount. My BOA card has 3% in one category (I usually keep mine on travel, but it can be changed monthly) with no minimum to use points, my Discover card is 1.5% with no minimum to use points. Much better cards out there than Carnival MC, and always some with a sign-on bonus.
  2. I think it might have something to do with rearranging cabin assignments related to lower occupancy. It would prevent people checking in early and printing luggage tags and boarding passes for what has become the wrong cabin.
  3. We are in a 4J (OV cabin facing the front of the ship, under the bridge, and a very short walk to a “secret” deck that is usually deserted). We really enjoy “odd” cabins. Leaving some beer behind won’t be a problem, but hoping I don’t also leave some of my money behind in the casino! I will tell you where to send it in case you find it 😂
  4. We are only five points away from D+, and had six cruises cancelled in 2020 (so far). Our next three cruises are four nights each, with two of them in December, so the only positive result the double points could possibly accomplish is achieving D+ one cruise early if our December cruises are cancelled.
  5. We hope to spend Christmas 2020 on the Sunrise. If the ship sails, we will be on it. I want to be on the water, eating food prepared by someone other than me! Live music, shows, and the casino would be bonuses.
  6. My guess is that the lounges will be initially closed because of “social distancing”. That will continue as long as possible while we become accustomed to it, then the announcement that there will be no lounges, accompanied by a few (distracting) adjustments to the perks so it doesn’t seem like a loss.
  7. I think Royal is well aware of the increased numbers of D, D+, and P that will be created by double points, but it will not matter because of changes they have planned but have not shared with us yet.
  8. You need to check your Amex account online, under Amex Offers and Benefits, to see if you have the offer. There are usually 100 different offers. If the offer is available to you, click on “add to card”. Then you will have until 12/31/20 to spend $500 on a Celebrity reservation (only reservations, not excursions or extras), either online or by phone. A $500 payment will work. You will get an immediate email stating you have used the offer, then in a few days you will see a $125 statement credit. I have the offer on my blue everyday card. NCL has a similar offer right now, Royal has one occasionally (though not recently), and Carnival has several a year.
  9. Since they don’t mind “giving away” that many points, it would have been nice for them to grant one point per cancelled cruise that was reboooked rather than refunded.
  10. Well, my pleasure in that didn’t last long. I should have stopped reading at page 2 and kept the warm, fuzzy feeling a little bit longer. It really is a slap in the face for those who have had multiple cruises cancelled and kept booking more in spite of it.
  11. We are five points from Diamond Plus and our next cruise is four nights, so this is perfect for us! We should have become D+ in April, then May, etc. , based on longer cruises booked, so this kind of “makes it up” to us that the first cruises will be shorter itineraries. Combined with Amex’s offer of a $125 statement credit on a $500 purchase with Celebrity, we have finally had a string of good news for a change, cruisewise.
  12. I see what you mean - my 12/17/20 Brilliance has almost tripled in price. The 12/7/20 Mariner is still reasonable.
  13. I had the same shocking results when I did price checks on my cruises a few days ago. After the last price was checked, I saw that somehow I was on the Singapore site. I don’t know how that happened and doubt that you have done the same thing, just thought I would mention it.
  14. If that happens, I think it would be based on the location of the cabin, not the person who booked it. If a particular section needs to be vacated and you happened to book a cabin in that section, you might be the lucky recipient of an upgrade. Much easier to evaluate a section of cabins than individuals’ C&A status, amount spent on fare, amount spent on extras, date booked, etc.
  15. You have a point. I don’t see a problem with the slides or Flowrider because one person rides at a time and there can be social distancing markers to stand on while in line. But what would encourage social distancing in a pool or hot tub? I rarely use the pool (sometimes immediately after returning to the ship while in port, when there are few people there) and never use the hot tub, so I don’t have to worry about it personally, but you are right. I did take pool aerobics classes for a few weeks in July/August. It was held in a large pool in a separate room, with a door to the outside propped open, and enough chlorine to completely fade a bathing suit in one hour-long session. It was attended by only 4-6 people in the class, all of us retired women who were well aware of staying far apart. I never changed in the locker room and used hand sanitizer after opening the door to the pool and again as I left. That being said, I moved in mid-August and have not attempted to find a class here.
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