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  1. ZoeyVictoria

    I don't need any surprises

    I read that at that particular terminal it had to fit in a tub to go through the scanner.
  2. I did that several years ago for the Oasis, and was told the headliner was Il Divo. During the three-week period until sail date that changed somehow and I was very disappointed. So, zdad59, don’t get your heart set on the performer(s) you are told will be there.
  3. 111days (March 9) and still nothing. I have been checking daily, will continue to do so - probably for a long time before it becomes available, but it is too important to slack off now.
  4. ZoeyVictoria

    Victory, 3rd times a charm

    Thank you! My intent was to spend $750 on a refundable rate, pay Amex $600; then be able to transfer $750 to another cruise. But you make this cruise sound good, just might keep this one.
  5. ZoeyVictoria

    Victory, 3rd times a charm

    Thanks for the review. I have the Victory booked as a placeholder cruise (Amex offered spend $750, get a $150 statement credit), but made sure to select a cruise we would want to actually take. Key West pushed us to this cruise, but I am not sure I want to drive to Miami for a four-nighter. Did your itinerary include Key West?
  6. The trick for me has been to print boarding passes and luggage tags. Murphy’s Law kicks in and an upsell offer creates wasted time and printer ink.
  7. ZoeyVictoria

    New American Express offer 11/13/18

    I wish I knew what the criteria is for receiving offers. Apparently Amex knows that I would be interested in cruise line offers, based on the number of cruises that I have run through their card for the cash rewards. I have a Blue Cash Everyday account.
  8. ZoeyVictoria

    New American Express offer 11/13/18

    Keep checking. I have had offers show up several days after other people reported theirs.
  9. ZoeyVictoria


    Me, too! I have 70 nights and my boarding pass for our 6-nighter on the Conquest next month say “Platinum”. Finally!
  10. ZoeyVictoria

    New American Express offer 11/13/18

    Fair enough, now I see what you mean. I personally never think of Amex as being related to travel; when I hear it mentioned I just think about what my rewards balance is and wonder what new offers might be in store for me 😁
  11. ZoeyVictoria

    New American Express offer 11/13/18

    This is not an "American Express special" and Amex is not acting in the capacity of a TA for this offer. Amex maintains a list of offers (currently 100 offers on my account) with different merchants. Purchases need to be made at the applicable merchant, then if the amount spent meets the requirements, a statement credit is given on your Amex account. The RCI offer requires that $1,000 must be charged to Amex with RCI being the "merchant of record"; bookings made through a TA must be paid directly to RCI to qualify. Some of the other offers: spend $250 or more at Embassy Suites and receive a $50 statement credit, spend $15 or more at SamsClub.com and receive a $5 statement credit, spend $250 or more at Nutrisystem and get a $75 statement credit. I have received $1,115 in statement credits since November 2015, the majority being for RCI and Carnival. There have been previous RCI offers for spending $500 or more and getting a $100 statement credit, and there are many CC posters who watch for those offers and bring them to the attention of others. These offers are similar to cash-back credit card offers, with much higher rewards. Many new bookings were made to Royal Caribbean as a result of previous offers. American Express is not acting in the capacity of a TA in this case; I don't know what benefit they might receive, possibly a kickback from RCI.
  12. ZoeyVictoria

    New American Express offer 11/13/18

    The Amex offer is to spend $1,000 on Royal Caribbean and use Amex’s “Plan It” feature, which spreads the charge over a predetermined number of monthly payments instead of the balance being due all at once, with no fees for the service under this offer. Amex previously had offers to spend $500 on Royal Caribbean and receive a $100 statement credit. I run every purchase through one credit card or another for cash back rewards and never pay interest, so an offer to save a fee is not beneficial to me at all. There has been much CC interest in the past when the Amex offers are available; I am curious to see if anyone finds this offer attractive.
  13. I check my American Express account daily because I love those $100 off $500 offers. Finally saw a new offer tonight, and I am so disappointed. This offer is to spend $1000 or more and use the Plan It feature for 6 months with no plan fees. I was really hoping for a statement credit, not an interest-free loan.
  14. ZoeyVictoria

    Non-Refundable Deposit Question

    That is $100 pp, isn’t it?
  15. ZoeyVictoria

    Offers received from Club Royale (Royal Caribbean)

    Could you please give me the name of the site? I had it once, failed to bookmark it, threw away my handwritten notes, and now can't get back in to see my offers. Thanks!