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  1. I normally spend the majority of my time in the water. The sea grass was not bad the day we were there, but even on a good day, the water is never the typical Caribbean blue water. I did not go into the water that day, but surprisingly did not miss it. Somehow it is so peaceful there that I was perfectly content to do other things.
  2. It was sometimes busy when we passed by, but the biggest hurdle for us was the authentic Mexican food we had at Maya Chan. We were on the March 9 sailing and still haven’t eaten Mexican food because nothing will come close to what we had that day.
  3. Did we read a review recently about an alpha call and/or a medical evacuation? I have read so many reviews at the same time lately that I can’t keep them all straight. Edited to add: or an ambulance waiting on a pier?
  4. Can he find a flight to somewhere in Florida within driving distance?
  5. What??!!! Surely her employer would have paid a bit of overtime so we could find out what happened!
  6. The same password will work for both accounts, so I used my first name followed by “1”, then his first name followed by “2” for the usernames. Much easier than trying to remember a new password, and the pattern is easy to follow.
  7. Same here! I have been avoiding Belize since I was there on my very first cruise in 2004, but now there are some itineraries that I would be interested in if only I knew of something I would enjoy doing in Belize.
  8. I was surprised to find an 18% gratuity added to ice cream.
  9. Another vote for south. The eastern ports are available on shorter cruises; there are many more cruises that go to those ports, so it will be easier to catch them on a later cruise.
  10. I know, I touched everything on the screen except the one place holding the secret information.
  11. Never mind, I finally called Carnival when nobody seemed to know. Clicking on the small red banner which has “___ days until cruising” next to my name and login/logout is the way to find saved cruises.
  12. I did a lot of research to find future cruises while I am waiting for the next $100 off $500 Amex offer, and saved six cruises. That would eliminate a lot of research in the future if only I could find the area to actually view that list. I am sure it is quite easy and I just haven’t looked in the right place; can someone please tell me where to access saved cruises?
  13. On our last cruise we chose the free option the first time and paid the $7 to upgrade when we used the second coupon. It was well worth the $7 and we will do that every time in the future.
  14. I have been to the lesson on 3-card. The dealer was good at explaining the game, and some of the other people at the table were also helping the new ones. This was not on the first night; it was later in the cruise when the lessons were at 9 a.m. and the tables opened at 10. It was a popular table on that cruise and 4-5 seats were filled with people who wanted to make sure they got a seat when the table officially opened. In any case, the game was well explained and there was absolutely no pressure to bet more than necessary.
  15. $7 is the difference between the level of internet that the coupon covers and the “better” level.
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