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  1. We were on Panorama 0828-0904, yes the selections were not what they were in the in past but when you are sailing at 50-60% capacity, they cant have the entire buffet open. I found plenty of food to eat.
  2. I have been using the same outside travel agent for over 5 years now. She is usually able to book us into group space for a few more perks and always sends a gift to the room. She is great to watch for price drops and extra OBC opportunities for us.
  3. Trampoline park was open in Panorama 0828-090421. So were the Ropes and Sky Ride as well.
  4. We just got off the Panorama Saturday. Masks are required in the terminal during embark/debark. All shops and shows on board as well and public areas as well. Forget yours in the room, staff will hand you one. We saw this several mornings on Lido and they will remind you if you get up from your table to go get seconds that you need to have your mask on. Signs in the elevator remining you to Mask Up. Did not find it uncomfortable as I really wanted to take this cruise, so I willing to follow any guidelines that they had in place.
  5. We had a great time last week on the Panorama, like someone else mentioned, other than masking up and having to wear them in port, nothing much has changed. Still have the shows, all the food, shows etc. I was surprised that the casino on sea days was open 24 hours and would also remain open until port arrival.
  6. I was on last week as well, never felt crowded. Nice trip except for embarkation cluster that was caused by the late arrival of the ship back.
  7. Can we carry on a 12pack of Bacon with us now too? 🤣
  8. When are you booked? We sail on her on the 28th of August. I will try to share pictures. Anything in particular you want to see?
  9. Also if you do a Google search for Crown Royal shortage you will see that that workers in Canada where it is produced just authorized a strike, so it may get ever more scarce in the short term.
  10. This sounds like a good deal, I will look next moth to see if anything like this is offered on the Panorama.
  11. Ready to see her again, she was our last cruise before everything shut down. We are booked on her again for Halloween 2022.
  12. Thanks for sharing all of this, we are due to board on August 28th when you disembark. We were originally scheduled to sail Panorama March 2021 but we know what Miss Quaratina Covid thought of that.
  13. Love Catalina, we are taking the Ferry over for the day before we get on Panorama next month. We also booked Panorama again on one of her 6 night cruises as it stops in Ensenada on that Itinerary.
  14. No one on our 08/28 sailing has received approval yet that I am aware of. We do not need it, we are fully vaccinated.
  15. If i didn't already have 6 booked, but what's one more right?
  16. Same thing for us, we sail Aug 28th, they put it up then took it down. But we answered it as soon as we saw it.
  17. We are on the Panorama next month in that area and I will let you know.
  18. Once a day is good, its not like the entire lido deck is traipsing through the room.
  19. Sorry for the long wait. This is the reason I use a travel agent. They do the rebooking for you. I have not had to wait on hold at all for any of my 4 cruises that were cancelled. Just sent an email to the agent on what I wanted to rebooked and sit back and wait for the new confirmation.
  20. There is a stair well back there. We had an aft Havana balcony and used it several times to go up and down to the Havana area.
  21. Rhythm of the Nights was fantastic last time we did it. We booked it again when we go next month. Drinks were included, but now I am told you have to pay the 20.00 for the unlimited drinks while you are there.
  22. I saved the screen shot where you could check cancelled cruises. And I have it that shows if you do not cancel you get an additional $100 OBC in addition to any OBC that you may already have. So we will see if it applies once on board, not a deal breaker since we already got 600 OBC and Cheers on US.
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