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  1. 7 hours ago, compozer said:

    Does anyone know what hotel or hotels Princess uses in Anchorage?   thanks

    I don't know if this is the ONLY hotel Princess used, but they put us in Captain Cook hotel.  We've stayed there in the pasted and enjoy the location, so we will be returning for an extended stay between cruises.

  2. When I was searching for a rental car in Saint John, I came across Enterprise, along with Avis.  I ended up booking with Avis, so I don't have any first hand knowledge of the Enterprise company. 


    Enterprise is  located at 10 Crown St., Saint John, NB, Canada.  It looks to be about a 20 minute walk from port, but maybe they would deliver a car portside.  Good luck.

  3. On ‎6‎/‎2‎/‎2019 at 9:38 PM, Ombud said:

    Love info from natives. To that: can I walk to Reversing Rapids? According to Rome2Rio its only a few miles, but are those miles along a freeway or a walkable path? 


    The path is VERY walkable.  The wide open paved path is along the waterfront for the most part and toward the end of your approx. 2.5 mile walk is a sidewalk climbing a slight hill to view the rapids.  

  4. We have our reservation already, but unfortunately we have to wait until NEXT July, 2020.  Can anyone tell me if they rent the Go Pro cameras at the zip line, and if they do, do you recall the price?   We rented the Go Pro for our zip line excursion in Canada and it was nice to have.  Thank you,

  5. We did this excursion through Shore excursioneer a year and half ago.(

    Belize Shark Ray Alley and Hol Chan Marine Park Snorkel Excursion by Air) -S1345 @$154.99pp. Everything was planned perfectly by Shore excursioneer. The only part we had to take care of on our own was getting a taxi to and from the local airport. The taxi ride was about a 15-20 minute ride. The snorkeling was fantastic, the best we've ever encountered. After snorkeling we had about an hour to either have lunch or explore on our own.

  6. Can anybody who's paid $99 for the all-inclusive photo package comment on when they found that $99 pricing? I've been checking my Cruise personalizer for an upcoming Cruise early next year, and the all inclusive photo package is still listed as $199. Just trying to figure out if there's a chance it'll come down to $99?


    I purchased our $99 deal for our upcoming March 2018 cruise. I believe the deal went for approx. 3 weeks, possibly starting the end of Jan. to the first or second week of Feb. I'm watching for it again for our 2019 cruise. It looks like a great deal!

  7. We cruise a lot on Princess.

    Finally I can get rid of some of the cards to each of my family members on our first family cruise on 11/5/17 on Regal. My two grandchild will be so happy to use their cards for gelato.


    We just got off the Regal last week and we were not allowed to use a coffee card punch for our gelato purchase. Maybe this varies from ship to ship. Hopefully it works out for your grandchildren.

  8. Personally, I would grab a private tour or even a taxi that leaves a little earlier than the ship tour. That has three advantages. One, you'll get there before the ship excursion, so less crowds. Two, you'll probably save enough to more than pay for your lunch. And, third, you can pick the restaurant you want to eat lunch at (or skip it altogether) rather than having to eat at the excursion's choice.


    Can you recommend a private tour that takes you to Peggy's Cove? Also, if we took a taxi, do you know the approx. cost? Thank you,

  9. We did this tour last Oct. 2016. You are correct that Princess stops at one winery, called Grand Pre` Winery and you get 4 or 5 small samples. We were disappointed that it was only one winery, but the tour was nice. One the way to the winery, we made one stop at a country market to stretch our legs. We made one other photo stop where we actually got to disembark the bus before making our way to Wolfville, there we had about an hour or so for lunch on our own. We did get to see the Bay of Fundy (from the bus) before and after the tides, and that was quite interesting. We spent quite a bit of time on the bus just touring. We personally like to be more active than just sitting, but if that's your thing, this would be a nice tour.

  10. We'll be in Belize in a couple weeks and I'm looking at a tour through Shore Excursioneer that has no reviews :eek: which makes me a little anxious. Here's the description:


    Belize 2 Site Snorkel with Sea Turtles and Caye Caulker Beach Break Excursion (S2282)



    We're using Shore Excursioneer in Belize too. We leave in 2 weeks, I can give a review when we return if you are leaving at a later date.



  11. We are looking into driving to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal for a cruise and driving there on our own. I've research to try to find recent information for parking at the terminal, but what I've found is several years old. I called the phone number, but the office isn't open until May 17th for information. Has anyone used the parking at the terminal recently that could share their price per day and experiences?

  12. Does anyone know which beach would have the most motorized water gear for rent? Banana boat rides, tubing?




    I've been asking this question for over a year. Just last month, someone got back to me and mentioned that Emerald Beach had water sports. I specifically asked about wave runners, so I'm hoping we'll find them at this beach. We're cruising in March and plan to check it out.

  13. We're going to be in St. Thomas in late March and are looking for somewhere to enjoy some water activities. We're looking for possibly jet skiing, parasailing or banana boat rides. I read that Blue Reef Watersports has closed, so was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for locations.


    If St. Thomas doesn't work out for water activities, we'll take suggestions for St. Johns. We could always catch the ferry over for the day. Thanks in advance.

  14. On the subject of luggage tags; do the paper luggage tags (from Princess) hold up during an airplane flight? I've always had access to a stapler before our cruise, and attached them at the hotel. This is one of the few cruises, we are not doing a pre cruise night. We'll be flying in to Fort Lauderdale in the morning, so I was wondering if I should attach the tags pre flight. Any insight is welcome. Thanks

  15. I contacted the Water UFO company last week. They sent the following information to me as far as pricing:


    We like to keep it all simple and charge just one price per UFO, whether it carries one or two happy faces.


    To run the UFO's cost effective the package price is a standard $75. So basically the second person gets the discount.


    time duration from the water ufo safari tour is 90 minutes

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