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  1. I have done the tour multiple times. Getting off the ship is no problem as you disembark with your tour group. My reasoning for repeatedly doing the tour is i can spend money to sit in a car, or spend a bit more and get some fun and sun. No matter how many times I have done it, I have been glad I chose the tour option over a mere taxi ride. You are dropped at the airport doors of your specific airline. Another fun tour out of Ft Lauderdale is the city and boat trip. You walk to some sights, then take a cruise through the intercoastal waterway.
  2. I really don't understand all the blame on the cruiselines. Read your contract!!! Weather is not under the control of any cruiselines. Every one of us takes the risk this can happen when we cruiseduring hurricane season. I leave from Florida in 3 weeks and I know there is a real possibility a hurricane could impact us. Will I be disappointed....absolutely. Will I blame rccl?.....NO. Start giving the cruiselines a break. Do you really think they aren't doing everything they can to make it work according to schedule? Seriously, so many of you write like rccl is intentionally trying to personally ruin your action. It is a risk YOU bought into when booking. Sit back, rekax, take things as they come and enjoy what vacation you can enjoy. You are still infinitely better off than the thousands who have lost everything in the last two days.
  3. Just off AOS, solarium pool was salt water AND chlorine, as were the hottubs. Can't speak regarding the other pools but guessing its the same. We did b2b and they were not drained and refilled each week unless a maintenance issue required it. They were always very clean but your suits and body smelled of chlorine so be sure to rinse all.
  4. We did a b2b over Christmas and as always had a wonderful time on AOS. As was mentioned above you are always going to find rust on ships and things missing or broken. Normal when thousands are using the facilities each week. No date on Chops yet. Slide, flowrider and two story mini golf are all in place and were functioning and well used. Cabins were fine. Not new contemporary refurb but certainly comfortable and well kept up as far as cleanliness. We sail AOS for the ports and because it has one of the most friendly staffs of any ship in the fleet and it didn't disappoint in that regard. Sucel, diamond lounge concierge, is one of the best around. Food in windjammer was always hot and service of the staff was great. MDMRhad trouble getting out hot food but that tends to be a fleet wide problem. Most disappointing is the shows. We did enjoy Spectrum which periodically come on Rccl ships and there was a special ice show just for Christmas. The singers and dancers are okay but the sound person was horrible. The orchestra mikes constantly overpowered the singers. There was no balance with regard to lead singers being miked louder than the backup parts, in fact you often couldn't hear the melody. And the sound was so loud most people plugged their ears or wore earplugs. It clearly is the person running sound that is either deaf or has a horrible ear for sound. We love AOS and will continue sailing her. A refurb would never affect our choice of a ship. If you are worried about new paint and carpet you may have trouble finding any ship satisfying you. Go and have fun. You are getting to do something many only dream of. Enjoy each other, the beauty of the sea and ports, meeting new people, warm weather and a chance to relax. Rust and stains don't need to affect that. Bon voyage.
  5. We're cruising the 17th also....doing B2B yippee!!! We love the AOS and are excited about one slide being open, but honestly it is the staff on this ship we have always loved. Also LOVE the warmer waters in the southern ports. See you inboard cool cruiser.
  6. I do b2b on a regular basis. Out of room at 8 unless you are a consecutive cruiser. It frankly makes it very difficult for the room attendants who literally have 5 hours from that time to ready every room for new cruisers. The primary reason is that the ship must be at zero count before customs will allow embarkation. How angry would you be if you were embarking and it was 12 noon, but couldn't get on because there were two people still on the ship leisurely drinking coffee. You would be flipping mad and demanding a cruise credit for future cruise and OBC. As consecutive cruisers we have waited until after 11 because two people selfishly wanted to sit around and drink coffee. The unhappy faces of the crew referenced above is because they all have extra work to do on turnaround day which can't be done if they are searching the ship for stragglers....and then get in trouble for not getting their work done. Yes two people who decide to do it their way can affect the whole crew, the embarking passengers and customs. Enjoy your cruise, enjoy your last morning but please respect the times provided so hundreds of others aren't negatively impacted.
  7. Go downstairs just like you did for Disney. There will be cruise reps all over the place with signs. Very easy to find them. For other poster, last we did it we paid 29$ per person one way, but that was a few years ago.
  8. If you go to booking a cruise and pretend to book your cruise, pick your cabin category and the pick the appropriate deck and position on the ship and the deck plans will show the new rooms. If you don't know enough info to do that play around with different combinations. I do know there are 4 new balcony cabins on deck 11. 1100, 1102, 1104 and 1106. There are two inside cabins right behind them. They are at the front of the ship just past the solarium.
  9. We will be doing b2b week before Christmas and Christmas week. Finally feel close enough to start counting the days. Look forward to meeting you at meet and mingle. Your username sounds familiar. Should be fun experiencing the new updates....and beds LOL.
  10. B2B is the best.....except once you do it, it is very hard to go back to one week. :) Anyway, we have had both experiences of being taken off through customs and having customs board. Latter is most preferable. Besides all the benefits already mentioned you also have more flexibility with going to shows so you don't have to feel like you have to go each night for fear of missing something. Feel like doing something else? No problem, go next week. Even though newcomers do fill the ship quickly you still can be utilizing the pool and fun as they are dragging all their carryons around the ship until 1pm. Be aware you will be required to attend the muster drill both weeks. We are doing B2B week before Christmas and Christmas week. CAN'T WAIT!!!! Enjoy yours.
  11. Mpoole why would there be an obc? The ship has the right and WILL change an itinerary for weather. Clearly stated and I am sure most are thankful to sail in sunny weather rather than 15 foot waves and storms. If there is a mechanical problem, ie fault of the ship, it may be a different story. One of my most discouraging things about rccl are the passengers who have made every hiccup about getting obc or refunds. The cruiseline owes you a safe trip.....that is what we pay for. Changing an itinerary to avoid potentially bad weather does that. Everything else we experience is icing on the cake, not an entitlement. Thank you original poster for showing how to handle change and being able to enjoy your trip. Sent from my SCH-I915 using Forums mobile app
  12. There absolutely is a map of tables. Sadly even if assigned a certain table, if someone comes in before you and tells the server they want to sit there, the server will change the numbers. Just happened to me. Concierge had me assigned, sent me the map with table circled and by the time we were seated the server had changed the numbers. It took several phone calls by the concierge to the maitre'd but by second night we had our table back....where it was suppose to be. Sent from my SCH-I915 using Forums mobile app
  13. My understanding is that those working on Labadee are forbidden from requiring tips or asking for tips of any kind. I would have gotton his name and reported that to guest services. That being said we always bring some ones for those to provide a service or go above and beyond. Remember you use your sea card for everything there, except the market, so things like drink tips are automatically charged to your card. Sent from my SCH-I915 using Forums mobile app
  14. Four!!!!!!!!!! FOS Sent from my SCH-I915 using Forums mobile app
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