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  1. I am booked to travel in May and will do so unless advised not to by our government. I would be disappointed to have to do this but at the end of the day a cruise is something I can live without I feel Cunard's options for us are more than fair and we are fortunate to have a choice
  2. Alibobs

    Reggae Band

    Watching and listening Vibes playing ‘Island in the Sun’ while they all had their fleeces on, in a sea mist in the Med was one of my most amusing moments on Cunard. But when it’s glorious weather they are much more palatable. I would agree that they could benefit from a wider play list though . Definitely repetitive
  3. Alibobs

    Back onboard

    Four formal nights - wow, right up my alley 😊 Do people still wear long frocks these days or is it mainly cocktail ????
  4. Alibobs

    Back onboard

    Thank you for the updates - I love the formal nights, I think there were three on our last 2 weeker, I guess it's one less frock to worry about 😉 I liked the old Chart Room too but I'm sure I'll find somewhere else to have a drink 😊 And it will be interesting to see the Lido area as I always thought this was a poor relation to the rest of the ship. Im glad to hear that the service remains the same - our friends have only ever cruised Fred Olsen through a very rough Bay of Biscay and didn't have a great time. It's taken them 10 years to reconsider, I really have pushed Cunard to them, I'm sure they'll love it
  5. Alibobs

    Back onboard

    We are in the throes of booking a Baltic cruise on QV for next year . Back in the early 2010's we enjoyed several Cunard voyages on QM2 and QV but latterly have used our holiday budget ( time and money) for land based trips. We will be with friends this time who have never cruised Cunard but have heard us wax lyrical! We met today and I filled them in with what I can remember re cabins, dining, facilities on board etc , I didn't want to colour their views too much as their obviously expectations are not my expectations . It got me to wondering afterwards whether there have been any marked changes on QV (and perhaps Cunard in general ) over the past few years? I know there was some kind of refit in 2017 but I really mean about the general atmosphere and service onboard
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