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  1. So...I'm going to be on Miracle in a couple days, can you tell me which slot machine this was? 😏 I have no on-board credit to cash out, but would love to try the machine you guys did so well on.
  2. That is disappointing. We have 2 casino rate cruises booked in the near future (one is the same $25 one referenced) and I just went back through emails to confirm we did get our shareholder benefit applied to both. I wonder why the inconsistency.😕
  3. We have done cruises anywhere from 4 days to 15 days. I actually like the shorter cruises. I think it depends on a lot of factors. Our worst was on a 6 day cruise, where the cabin next to us was a huge gathering/party place. Excessive noise and banging (probably bumping into) the walls until 3 am. That was a 6-day cruise. It was miserable. We have also done 4-day cruises out of Long Beach (at spring break) and it was perfect. Mostly nice young families.
  4. Totally agree - we had this layout and more than once I either hit my shin on the bed, or caught my shoulder on the TV, passing through to go out on our balcony (and I'm not a very big person).
  5. We were on Mardi Gras in August (family of 5 between 2 rooms), and we had the balcony partition opened up. We just asked the cabin steward when we saw him.
  6. I agree. Our last cruise was pretty stressful - we fly across the country from Washington State to Florida for our cruises, and it did not go smoothly back when we had a day longer in turnaround time. So from now on, we are doing the BinaxNOW proctored test you can do from your home/hotel room, etc. The reviews here have been great, and it seems to be a low-stress way to meet the testing requirement.
  7. In July we were in 7462 on the Breeze (not one of the cabins you asked about, but right next door). After 12 years of cruising (usually in standard balcony rooms) we were so excited to try an aft balcony. Never again. We did not experience vibrations most of the time, but when we did, it was almost unbearable. One night at about 3:30 in the morning, the vibrations were so bad, it woke me and my daughter up (gave me terrible headache). I also didn't care for the reduced privacy and constant sun exposure. In addition, the way the cabins are stacked at an angle on the back of the ship, when your neighbors above you drag their deck chairs around at 5 am, it's right above your bed, not above your balcony (like it would be on the side of the ship). I am surprised those aft cabins are considered an upgrade - I didn't use the balcony near as much as I usually do. I just didn't care for it.
  8. I agree, in regards to the food, very much as it was before. Except the ships are at lower capacity, so not so crowded. I never had more than 1 or 2 people in line in front of me at Guy's. On Mardi Gras in August, masks were supposed to be worn inside, but not out on the decks.
  9. It is the same as before for Diamond/Platinum. We received a note telling us where to meet for priority debarkation. Then they called by muster station.
  10. Yes, when we were on Mardi Gras in July, we went to ChiBang and had lobster on formal night. The service was amazing, so much quicker than the dining room. Some people were really dressed up, but others were not (like already mentioned, a polo or Hawaiian shirt).
  11. I think it can really vary. We have done the Mexican Riviera the 2nd week of November. The weather was perfect, mid 80s for the first half of the cruise, but then we hit a storm the last few days and it was nothing but rain, wind, and rough seas.
  12. A member of our party had this offer last month on Mardi Gras. Yes, limit of 15 per day, and drinks must be ordered at least 5 minutes apart (or I guess I should say "rung into the system" at least 5 minutes apart).
  13. We cruised out of Galveston in July, and I thought they were incredibly organized. We had 10:30 - 11:00 appointment time, boarding group A02. We arrived at approximately 10:25 and walked right up to the terminal. There were no lines. As we approached the terminal they verified our appointment time, and referred us to 2 lines (one for on-time appointments and one for people outside their appointment time). Being on time, we walked right through stopping at 2 check points, but never enough people to form a line. Once we got up to the boarding area (it was fairly crowded) we sat down in the first chairs we found, to try to figure out if they'd started boarding yet (they had not). Within 5 minutes they called all passengers in suites to board first, next they started down the groups A01, A02, etc.
  14. I was going to say the same thing. The lounge was being used when we were there, but only for guest in suites. Nothing special for Diamond/Platinum (except that we were able to check in online sooner/get an earlier arrival appointment/boarding group). We were assigned 10:30-11:00, group A01, and we boarded right after the guests in suites (probably only had to wait 10 minutes or so).
  15. We were on Mardi Gras last month - we selected a 10:30 - 11:00 arrival appointment, and arrived pretty close to 10:30. There was not really a line, we moved through quickly, until we got up to the area where they call the boarding groups. It was pretty crowded and the PA system was not working properly, so nobody could understand which groups were being called to board. It was a little chaotic at first, but then they started holding up signs. In our case, they did ask to see our boarding pass/confirmed our arrival appointment before we entered the terminal.
  16. We also got this offer (it's a players club offer) and I confirmed, ours was $10 each plus taxes/port fees ($10 + $10 + 184 = $204 total for a 5 day cruise out of Galveston). I so wish we could book it, but we both work full time and only have so much vacation time. Plus, not living near a port, we have to consider air fare expenses also. This particular deal is good through December, so I'm jealous of all the retired people/people who live near ports, who can take advantage of these deals! 🙂
  17. This is exactly how I felt too, but our cruise was at the height of the travel season and fully booked. Now, at reduced capacity, I wonder if it's better. I was on the Breeze in July (isn't it a sister ship?) and it was fantastic, did not seem crowded at all (but of course it was significantly reduced capacity).
  18. I agree - I have seen the machines run out.
  19. We were on Breeze in July and Mardi Gras in August, and our 17 year old daughter participated in the club for older teens (sorry can't keep straight what it's called) on both, and had a great time. There were organized events and parties, but sometimes all the teenagers would just meet up at the ropes course, BOLT, etc. With the messaging app, they all keep in touch throughout the cruise. It didn't seem any different to me than before the shutdown.
  20. You can count me in as one of these people. I am in Washington state and by the time my family flies across the Country to Florida, and stays overnight in a hotel, we have spent a considerable amount of money, just getting to the port. So, yes the possibility that we could be denied boarding due to an administrative error with the test, or slow test results, is stressful to me. When we were on Mardi Gras last month, 2 out of the 5 of us did not have our test results back the morning of our cruise, and had to get up at 6 am to wait in line at an urgent care in Orlando for another test. They finally made it to the ship by that afternoon. There is definitely a shortage of testing appointments here - even people who have/had symptoms, and need tested to return to work/school are having to wait at least 2 days to get a test appointment. I'm so thankful for the BinaxNow test, otherwise we couldn't continue to cruise.
  21. On Mardi Gras a few weeks ago, they were still offering the $25 credit. I assumed it would be a credit on our account (like all other OBC) but it was not, we had to go to the casino and ask for it.
  22. We were on Horizon for Christmas a few years ago. I was surprised at how few Christmas activities there were (but maybe I just wasn't aware). Christmas is of course a formal night for dinner, and I do remember some pretty trees/decorations on the ship, and a cute inflatable Santa to take pics with at embarkation, but that is about all. I thought it was a pretty routine cruise for the most part.
  23. My experience with a PVP was terrible. I had all the details, down to the exact cabin I wanted, but I couldn't get the Carnival site to let me book due to an issue with a duplicate VIFP number. PVP was not able to find the the low fare I had (even when I gave him the offer code). He was also telling me that the cabin I wanted was connecting, a deal breaker for me (even though I'd looked on multiple sites and was certain it was not). We finally decided it would be better for him to correct the duplicate VIFP issue and have me book the cruise myself online. That worked, and I also found the cabin was NOT connecting when we arrived on board, so I'm not sure what he was looking at. I also have preferred the big box store in the past (because I'm cheap and it was the best deal when considering the cash card) but it definitely added another level of confusion during our multiple pandemic cancellations/rebooks. So as of late, I'm just booking myself on the carnival site. I think it depends on your personality. I'm pretty obsessive - I love spending hours researching every aspect of our cruise. I look at every deck on the ship we will be on. Read every review I can find. Usually I know more than the PVP/TA by the time I'm ready to book. 🙂
  24. I purchased from Optum (a 3-pack). In addition to the cruises we have booked (Oct/Apr) we also travel to Canada, and have to be tested for that. So although these tests won't work for our April cruise, hopefully we will be able to use them before they expire.
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