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  1. I just received the official email from Carnival. Our April 3rd Mardi Gras cruise is cancelled.
  2. I noticed that too. We are book on the Mardi Gras April 3rd (just bought our airfare last night). 😞 Yesterday I was able to look at available cabins as we were considering changing, not 24 hours later, the cruise is gone from the website. This will be the 5th cruise cancelled if that is the case.
  3. I submitted our form (for cancelled cruise) requesting FCC and OBC on Friday, and have heard nothing. Curious to see when people start getting responses.
  4. Still waiting for our FCC (cruise 4/6 was cancelled). I was trying to get re-booked for the following week (leaving the 11th) but I'm giving up for now. I'll be really surprised if operations are back to normal then.
  5. Carnival canceled our cruise as it was leaving 4/6, I replied to their email (form submitted) asking if we wanted refund or FCC/OBC on Friday 3/13. I have been trying to re-book ever since, but can't because we don't have FCC/OBC yet (would still like to travel in late April). As of right now, website says we are still booked and ready to sail on 4/6 with no mention of the FCC.
  6. I submitted our form requesting FCC/OBC for our cancelled cruise yesterday (as soon as I received the email). I've gotten no response back, and if I log into the Carnival Website, it still says I'm sailing in 21 days. I spent 3 hours trying to contact Carnival this morning, as we would like to re-book right away for later in April, but I've had no luck. I can't book online without the FCC (unless I want to pay for another cruise in full). I guess I will wait for things to calm down a bit and try again.
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