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  1. But you know if Someone at Seabourn Sailors didn’t report it personally, it didn’t happen and you’ll be banned. 😂
  2. Bumping... does anyone have any more current information on the availability of Seedlip onboard? I like it and was going to see if it was an available request for my in-room bar set up in April. At the very least, it would be nice to have for NA cocktails in the primary venues.
  3. The catamarans are operated by various local tour partners so there may be some variation but the ones I’ve been on were no more difficult to board than a tender.
  4. Ah, yes I am! I have no experience on the 5% - not sure if I’ve gotten that or not.
  5. I can confirm that the 5% discount is indeed applied to the current listed price. I always buy future cruise deposits and have booked sailings with others who have not. I used my last one on the transatlantic I have coming up with my mom and on the invoice from my TA, I can see my mom’s fare listed as the price we were quoted whereas mine has a 5% discount. Then because my husband and I decided to book our holiday sailing before I could buy another future deposit, our invitee for that shows me at the quoted price and him at 5% off. The deposit amount for the person with the future deposit is also greatly reduced.
  6. If he’s mastered not only the art of longevity but also replication, then I definitely need to reread his books! 😂
  7. I concur... I’m a big fan of George’s. I feel like I’ve met most of the family now and George himself is a great guy! The family has split their time over the years between the US and Greece and the sons went to school in the States so they all speak impeccable English.
  8. I had a lovely stay at The Chatwal in NYC last week. Geoffrey Zacharian oversees the hotel bar and restaurant and has a lovely selection of nonalcoholic cocktails (Including some Seedlip) and German NA beers. I’ve quite enjoyed all of the Seedlip cocktails I’ve tried but would not dare to try the stuff straight... even the producer advises against it!
  9. I hope that Seabourn does start stocking some of the nonalcoholic spirits like Seedlip and Stryyk as well as some of the better nonalcoholic beer options now widely available (from the very basic Heineken 0.0 to some of the more craft-style IPAs, porters, and stouts coming out from US, UK, and German breweries. The number of individuals giving up alcohol for various reasons is growing. We’ve cut it out at home and so knowing it would be easier to stay social on Seabourn without major disruption to our lifestyle is a major plus.
  10. I’ve had suite stewardesses do this for me in veranda suites as well as in penthouse suites. I believe this is less a benefit of what suite you are in and more a perk of who your suite stewardess is.
  11. I got off in Cozumel this afternoon and feel like I absolutely made the right call. I hope everyone gets home safely and enjoys the last day of the cruise. I’ll be flying home from Cancun with no regrets.
  12. It has never shown up on one of our itineraries but it still is always planned in certain regions (e.g. Caribbean). It will happen (weather permitting) and as others have said, it will almost definitely be at Carambola Beach.
  13. I’ve never seen the $99 third guest supplement. It looks like they are going after parents/grandparents with that one.
  14. I’ve been on for three different Seabourn Halloween celebrations and there has always been a costume-optional party in the Club that was quite fun. All entertainers in some variation of costume plus a few crew and passengers too.
  15. Seabourn planned and executed our wedding at sea (well, officially “vow exchange” since they can’t perform legal weddings)... lovely invitations (beyond just the usual Seabourn invites, food, music, and a lovely wedding cake. They also helped some friends onboard organize mini hen/stag parties the evening before AND helped my husband plan a surprise Indian dinner after our ceremony. 😍
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