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  1. We use a great agency out of Fort Worth that is almost exclusively cruises. A bit of etcetera. If only I could name them. 😉
  2. We typically get either a special shore excursion (which have often been nicer and more unique from anything Seabourn has on offer for that particular port) or a $150/pp extra onboard credit. My agent also usually gives us onboard credit on top of that. Sometimes Virtuoso will have an onboard host and they will then throw a cocktail party. We’ve loved some of the hosts and enjoyed meals or onboard activities with them. But we’ve also had hosts we despised who have Virtuoso a black eye with their attitude/behavior. I like my agent a lot - her being with Virtuoso (and
  3. We’ve received these upsell offers onset of our Seabourn sailings, always passed onto us by our Virtuoso agent. Interestingly the only times I have not received one of these offers have been when I booked with someone other than her.
  4. These are great perspectives and I appreciate the experiences of so many of my trusted fellow Seabourn passengers. in addition to the S.A.L.T. Program, we are also interested in the longer post times and multiple overnights on the holiday sailing we are eyeing… if we do have to stay in a bubble, we liked that they had afternoon and evening tour options. As a lap swimming and track walker, Silversea seems to have better options for working off the extra calories from what looks to be intriguing cuisine. From what I can tell, the casino looks slightly larger and I recall
  5. Reading about S.A.L.T. has gotten us interested enough to think we will probably sail on Silver Moon instead of a Seabourn ship this year. We are foodies who love to talk cooking classes, both at home and while traveling, and try to seek out epicurean tours abroad.
  6. Someone is onboard in the group I’m on so hopefully there will be more updates. But yeah, with 120 it’s going to be quieter! 120 passengers sounds like my idea of bliss, but I too worry about the timeline for a return to normal. I’m presently sitting in an ER in Fort Worth waiting on labs (not due to Covid… just my ongoing bacterial infections) and they are at overflow capacity because the hospital has no free beds. DFW hasn’t even seen the peak of Delta cases that other parts of the south are now getting, Arkansas and Missouri being hardest hit. We cancelled our 21-night f
  7. Hopefully when that report is live, someone will share it. There are a number of us who were summarily banned from the one Facebook group for various reasons, hence the reason the other group exists.
  8. We’ve got five weeks until penalty kicks in, but also have to think about the logistics of the alternate plans… getting airfare (especially hunting for scare awards around the holidays), blocking time off on work calendars (if we don’t do this sailing, I’ll spread the 3.5 weeks away for this one across multiple future trips instead), and just the peace of mind of having clarity for future plans (as much as anyone can during the next phase of a global pandemic). Seabourn policies and changing island rules are also admittedly not my only factors. I want to cruise badly but also weig
  9. I’m firmly in your camp and we’ve been actively discussing this topic in our house this week. We booked the 21-night holiday sailing (which is a a 10-night and 11-night Barbados RT back-to-back) and I’m not thrilled with the possibility of being stuck with only ship excursions for 21 nights. We are seriously contemplating pulling the plug now and instead doing something less risky with the time and funds. As much as I miss cruising and Seabourn, I don’t miss it *that* much! 🤪
  10. Thank goodness… otherwise we would have been cancelling our 21 nights at the holiday. We are still watching the situation closely and I’m concerned about another post I just read that only ship excursions are allowed, which is hopefully not accurate as we don’t generally do excursions in the Caribbean.
  11. I was going to say “that’s easy… there is no Retreat on the Odyssey class ships” because that was always the Sun Terrace or something like that and it was free. But then I looked at the deck plans and see that it’s now labeled The Retreat on the Odyssey deck plans online, so it makes me wonder if someone at corporate has decided to monetize that space on the older ships. 😳
  12. Hopefully one of our sailors onboard for Greece can confirm whether it’s still the same service or if it was upgraded over the past 16 months. I had understood that Seabourn had already planned to upgrade onboard internet capabilities prior to the pandemic so my hope is that this is something they took the time to do while the ships were passenger-free. Certainly if they are rolling out and encouraging mobile app use plus offering everyone free internet then they’ve done this, but I’ve leaned never to assume!
  13. Yes for the 7 day Caribbean itineraries. I’ve looked at these and St Kitts will be that day each week. It’s generally one per itinerary, not per week so if you are doing a back-to-back then you’d have one for each segment.
  14. On the smaller Odyssey class ships the venue hours were typically 7-9 (with TK opening a bit earlier). On the larger Encore ships, a couple of the restaurants opened slightly earlier but you should still expect to dine between 6:30-9. They have a long rotation of menus… I’ve been on for 16 nights with no repeating menus in the dining room although a popular dish might be sprinkled in more than once. There is lord repetition on the Patio Grill lunch menus and the TK menu doesn’t change with the exception of daily specials.
  15. I agree with all of that. And as the virus lingers into future years, we will see more reasonable policies around how we deal with individuals who test positive. For now though, if testing positive (vaccinated or not) means getting offloaded from a ship mid-journey, being unable to fly home and this bearing the burden of extra time/expense to quarantine in another country until negative, and being stuck in isolation protocol if contact traced, then I’m going to want every extra step possible to ensure that mitigation is in place to decrease my chances of that happening. And I am s
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