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  1. Not Princess Cay, but been to Half Moon Cay a couple times with two ships. It’s not ideal. Way too many people to handle it properly. Same thing with Grand Turk. Have been there a few times with two ships and just not fun. Hope this doesn’t become a trend.
  2. 100% agree. Who would want to go on a cruise with these types of ridiculous restrictions? The CDC has become a useless joke, and our government obviously has it out for them, and seems hellbent on destroying this industry in the United States. If I were the cruise lines I would leave for other countries. Most passengers and crew will be vaccinated, so either the vaccines work (they do) or they do not. About time people stand up to this nonsense and get on with life. But of course, we can all fly, stay in hotels, go on trains, go to sporting events, etc., but cruises are demons. Enough.
  3. I want to go tomorrow and we have one planned this summer for Europe and Iceland. Not much I’d rather do then go on a cruise, but doubtful it will happen. The UK is talking about six months in quarantine. It pains me to say, but I don’t think anything will start up again until at least late Summer and that is pushing it. I think anywhere outside the Caribbean will be cancelled for this year. 2021 might be more optimistic. I just don’t see it how they start up until there is a proven treatment or vaccine. The World is on edge. Nerves will be high. Every time there is an annou
  4. That is my biggest fear. Don’t know how cruise execs get past this. Government officials are so quick to react, it’s scary. No thought of consequences, just act to protect their image. It’s going to be a PR nightmare for cruise lines until we have a vaccine or a viable treatment. So frustrating, because every time you go on a cruise, it’s Russian Roulette that if someone coughs, they’ll want to quarantine. This will be really tough for cruise lines to overcome.
  5. I agree. I think capacity will be limited. I would guess at least a 30% reduction to start, which would lead to less crew as well. I’m betting a majority will be in and out of Florida and East Coast, sort of going back to how it was after 9/11. I can’t imagine there will be any possibility of cruises in the Med, let alone anywhere in Europe until 2021. And that is a big maybe. And if in 2021, probably no more than one or maybe two ships per line. I think Europe is two years away from any recovery for cruises. Obviously, Italy is a mess. The biggest hurdle to ge
  6. Just a few minutes ago, CNN reported that Australia and NZ are closing to almost all foreigners. What now?
  7. I’m sure all of us are wondering, how does this end for the cruise lines? How does it end for everyone? In particular, how do the cruise lines start back up? Things are closing every day, and the longer it’s closed down, the harder it is to open back up. Tell me you opinions. If you have any inside knowledge in the cruise industry, medical field, government, etc., even better. I really have no clue, not optimistic, and really upset, that it will be probably a lot longer than anyone thinks. How does it happen? Who’s the first to blink? Seems to me, anytime som
  8. It's an absurd hold when you have a quad with kids. They still require $60 per person, even for young kids. I was recently on a 10 day on the Koningsdam and they wanted a $2400 authorization, even when I had already prepaid excursions, specialty dining, drink packages, and $1000 in cabin credit. I refused and deposited cash along the way if needed. About $200. Sorry, but my kids are not going to spend $1200 on soft drinks. Some common sense needs to prevail for people who have prepaid most of their ship board expenses, and especially those with kids. Princess and Celebrity do not requi
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