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  1. Psssttt.... exciting new information on my blog, https://www.victoriaonvacation.com/2020/08/cruise-inspired-face-masks.html I'll give you a hint! Serene by Victoria Shingleton, on Flickr Temporary Neighbors by Victoria Shingleton, on Flickr
  2. No. The mask thing just seems sort of counter-intuitive for a cruise ship scenario where people will be removing their masks to eat or drink, and to go swimming. Like do you wear a mask in a hot tub? Can you sit in a hot tub with strangers? Can you share a dining table with strangers? The mask is really the last of my worries - I'm having difficulty envisioning how people could maintain social distance on a cruise ship.
  3. Now... You may have noticed the orange flag flying on our balcony. The Shinglebells are huge Clemson football fans. And this was the week of College Football Playoffs. It happens every year, no matter the cruise line..... lots of Americans onboard want to watch College Football Playoffs, and the cruise line doesn't understand the great importance of this to their football-loving passengers. Earlier in the week they had played some college football games in the Aqua Theater, so I was really hoping that, you know, the two very important College Football Playoff games would be shown in the Aqu
  4. Tonight we had another reservation for Chops Grille. This time we were seated outside on the Central Park patio area which is a very nice atmosphere. If it's not too cold or rainy, I'd recommend requesting the outdoor seating. First up, Ahi Tuna. Tuna Tartar by Victoria Shingleton, on Flickr Here's the crab cake, which was Mom's first course that night. Crab Cake by Victoria Shingleton, on Flickr And Rachel got the shrimp cocktail. Shrimp Cocktail by Victoria Shingleton, on Flickr I really like the Crispy Goat Cheese Sa
  5. Last day of the cruise - such a bittersweet time! At Sea by Victoria Shingleton, on Flickr At Sea by Victoria Shingleton, on Flickr After lunch, we went up to the pool deck to squeeze in some more fun in the sun. Beach Pool by Victoria Shingleton, on Flickr Beach Pool by Victoria Shingleton, on Flickr And then time to get ready for dinner! Cruise Life by Victoria Shingleton, on Flickr Cruise Life by Victoria Shingleton, on Flickr Cruise Life by Victoria Shingleton, on Flickr
  6. Time for lunch! Finally, we got to try the teppanyaki grill side of Izumi. It was a sea day so table service lunch is included with the dining package. If you have the package, you can order anything from the teppanyaki menu, but if you're sitting at the grill and order sushi, it's an additional charge. Izumi by Victoria Shingleton, on Flickr Izumi by Victoria Shingleton, on Flickr Our chef was fun. It can get a little loud in there with all three grills going. Also, they all do pretty much the same schtick, so if you see one chef come out, then the next com
  7. Thank you! The photography was the only thing distracting me from the heat during that show!!
  8. Our typical vacations were cruising and Disney - both which may take awhile to return to the same caliber. This summer, after our Alaska cruise was canceled, we took a beach vacation. In the past, we'd rent out a condo in a high-rise in Destin, Florida, but we weren't comfortable with the idea of a populated beach and shared pool and amenities. So instead we booked a private home with a pool and a hot tub right on the water in New Port Richey, FL. Only left the house for groceries. It was almost like a cruise, except we weren't moving, and we had to cook our own meals (but better t
  9. Time for a final number... finally. Aqua Show by Victoria Shingleton, on Flickr Aqua Show by Victoria Shingleton, on Flickr Aqua Show by Victoria Shingleton, on Flickr Okay, so overall consensus of the show is that it is 20-30 minutes too long. They need to do some edits and cut some of the nonsense filler content. I understand the divers need to rest and reposition, but I think it could be reworked with less downtime. Also, the narrative is very corny. They were kind of leaning into the cheesiness Deadman-style with silly graphics. But in my opi
  10. Now the biggest issue I have with this is that the show's cast is made of skilled divers and acrobats. They are not dancers. So why do they dance so often?? Aqua Show by Victoria Shingleton, on Flickr Oh, great. Someone wearing a Tiki mask. Aqua Show by Victoria Shingleton, on Flickr If you're wondering who Big Daddy is, he's the guy in the green suit. He spends most of the show walking around flamboyantly and flashing his riches. He has a lot of diamonds, and at one point they do a number to "Diamonds are a Girls' Best Friend. Aqua S
  11. But it was time to get seats for the show. See the shadow pattern on the seating below.... this photo was taken while we were waiting in line for the rock wall. By the time we were done climbing, the shadow had lessened, and all of the shady spots were taken. Aqua Show by Victoria Shingleton, on Flickr So Rachel and I were forced to find a seat in the SWELTERING sun. It was so hot and uncomfortable. Abyss by Victoria Shingleton, on Flickr After staking out our seats in the aqua theater around 30 minute prior to showtime, we were already sweating.
  12. So Rachel went first. She was put on the right (I believe more difficult side), and I went right after her, so I wasn't able to get any photos of her climb. That is because she fell off the wall about halfway up, and they operate this pretty efficiently because once you fall, you're done. But, she was able to grab her phone and take photos of me. I made it to the first bell, rang it, and was like, "Okay, I'll come down, now." But Rachel yelled at me, "KEEP GOING!" Realizing my only way off the wall was to jump backwards and trust that the mechanical belay will engage, I decided that it was
  13. Last day! Rachel and I had a fun and active morning planned. Sea Day by Victoria Shingleton, on Flickr At Sea by Victoria Shingleton, on Flickr At Sea by Victoria Shingleton, on Flickr We decided that we were going to tackle the rock climbing wall. It's been.... maybe a decade since I have attempted that. The last I remember scaling a wall on the back of the cruise ship was on Grandeur of the Seas when it was bumpy and windy, and the rock wall felt like it was completely over the ocean. I wasn't all the way to the top, but I looked back and had a
  14. But right now, I relate so much more to life-crisis Britney. That Britney is REAL!! (pssssttt... if you haven't already, go look up "Free Britney" - this is the act that ended her in a 12-year-long Conservatorship with her father)
  15. I think learning from a private instructor is the only way I would really learn to like it. I need time to figure things out and to fall and be able to get right back into it, rather than waiting in a line. I'm very intrigued by the private lessons they offer - maybe on another cruise, I'll convince Rachel and my dad to go in together with a group session.
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