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  1. Looking forward to your review.
  2. Bought the surf package on Equinox during January. It was fine for checking email and reading news sites. I have a home internet camera which I check while traveling. Surf package WOULD NOT stream the video. I used my wife's free Elite minutes to check it and the faster speed package would stream. Would buy it again for what it is good for but does have bandwidth limitations.
  3. Thought I had misplaced this, glad it came back.
  4. That was strange also using new version. Said photo would be added but never asked for them🤔
  5. Thanks for the tip!! That did it for us also. New version says Concierge Class not Veranda like other.
  6. Thanks for response. Called CC and got no help there other than saying Concierge should be on my sea pass card. No explanation for why Xpress Pass doesn't say it.
  7. New to X and just printed this out. Booked a C2 cabin and Stateroom type says Veranda with no reference to Concierge. Is this normal? Looking forward to MDR lunch option.
  8. Thanks for the info. We are in a similar position, just short of P on RCCL but fed up with the direction they are moving. We have our first X cruise in December then another in January Have 4 more booked and if all goes well will make the switch.
  9. Trying X after many RCCL cruises. Are daily Sudoku sheets provided on X as on RCCL? If so are they in Library or elsewhere? Thanks
  10. Is there any snorkeling off the beach?
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