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  1. I was on the June 30th sailing (4 weeks ago) and we did indeed go by the volcano at night. The view is awesome. The captain stated that they will continue to go by the volcano so long as conditions are good. The main issue is the winds, so long as they're not blowing from the volcano towards the ship (which is not how it normally blows) then they will remain doing the viewing.
  2. I think a lot of them are dependent on what people want. You're not going to please everyone with all the perks. For example, I couldn't care about almost any of the ones you suggested, outside of specialty restaurants. Automatic upgrades would have to be before you book a cabin if just moving to a better balcony from another balcony (as I generally pick the cabin I want). Which really just means a discount on a cabin (which for balconies is already done). The drinks are one of the ones I use the most, as I am a moderate drinker, only have 2-3 drinks a day or so on the ship. There are more people like that then you think. I think the drink vouchers have taken care of some of the issues with crowded lounges (if you don't want the lounge, you get your drink elsewhere). As for younger top tier, assuming you mean people in their 20's and 30's, they're as different between them as older ones.
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