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  1. Yes. We will have to cancel the coach. So many businesses affected.
  2. The best thing for us all to do is sit tight and wait for them to cancel us. Our cruise is supposed to be next month. We have three more booked. The next after April's is in June. Would be surprised if that goes ahead... I had made my mind up to have the cash rather than FCC anyway. Will spend the money on the garden instead. Looks like we will be sitting out there a lot this year!
  3. We have three booked for this year, the first being on Azura on 19th April. Have no plans whatsoever of cancelling and really looking forward to them. If P and O decide to cancel us for any reason we would just book for later in the year.
  4. We will be on this cruise too. It is our first cruise on Azura - the only P and O ship we haven't been on yet. Hopefully we will it at its best!
  5. Thoroughly enjoyed rreading this review. We were the September Aurora USA and Canada ports and like yourselves we missed Corner Brook - Hurricane Dorian put paid to that! We also missed Sydney due to fog so it was interesting to see what we had missed! Loved seeing the photos to accompany the review. Many thanks!
  6. We have cruised on both in the last few months. They are both traditional style ships which we love. We found that Aurora had the edge for entertainment although Arcadia seemed to have more bars to relax in. Aurora had a far better buffet but MDRs were on a par with each other. We like the Glasshouse and Beachouse as alternative dining venues on Aurora. Arcadia didn't have as many choices. I would be happy to choose either for future cruises but for longer cruises would prefer Aurora. These views are purely personal and no doubt others will think otherwise.
  7. Yes, Annie. We were really pleased that the Captain could update us as to the paasenger's condition. We saw quite a few ambulances meet the ship during the cruise.
  8. Not been on a suite on there but in our cabin there were no bedside lights. We had to have spotlights on to read. No good if one person wants to sleep. I read by the light of my phone...
  9. >Ha ha. Weird! I edited my own post but it came up with yours! No idea how that could even happen?
  10. We came off Arcadia on August 3rd and the Ents Manager was called Elaine. We found her to be very good. It was indeed Captain Cook!
  11. We are totally won over to using the coach service now. We always stayed overnight near the port but then did the maths and even if we didn't get free coach it still work out cheaper. When you factor in hotel charges, fuel, meals etc it soon adds up. We travelled the first weekend of the school holidays recently and the coach driver learned of an accident on the motorway and diverted. We were still on time. The added bonuses are that the coach driver loads your cases and that's the last you see of them until you are in your cabin. Also the ship will always wait for the coach.
  12. Wow! We were on Arcadia mid July and we had turn down service on first night. We did have the best steward we had ever had so maybe he went above and beyond.
  13. These are amazing prices! Wish we could take advantage but already have three booked between now and June... Just can't fit another one in.
  14. We are on the Sept 1st cruise too and really looking forward to it. We have only recently returned from Norway/Iceland cruise on Arcadia. We definitely had turndown service on the first night. Maybe it is somethig they are trying out on certain ships? We were last on Aurora (our favourite ship), May last year so we are looking forward to noticing any changes.
  15. We recently returned from a Norway/Iceland tour on Arcadia. In Isafjordur we walked into the town where there was a Tourist Information office. From there we picked up a local minibus tour -BS tours, for £45.00. The guy was really personable and did a great tour. Well worth the money. On a cruise 5 years ago to the Lofoten Islands there was nothing to see within walking distance. We were mainly walking past houses. I would book a tour if we went there again. We went in June and were lucky to have really warm weather even in the Arctic Circle!
  16. We were really disappointed with these biscuits on Arcadia recently. We wouldn't buy biscuits like this at home. They are just boring.Loved the biscuits they had years ago, especially the crumbly ginger ones. Definitely feel this is a moneysaving move from P and O. Hoping they haven't reached Aurora yet...
  17. Yes, we do all the hand washing, tissue to open loo doors, never filling drink bottles from water dispensers etc. but we have no control over idiots who think these precautions are unnecessary.
  18. Its most unlike me to say anything but I couldn't stop myself, I was so shocked. He had by then picked up a serving spoon... The chef I spoke to had a tall hat and looked in charge. Omelettes are often my first choice. Even more so now. We usually eat in MDR but do like to sit on deck when the weather is nice.
  19. Sorry DamianG, having trouble with my quotes! You show such restraint! I make sure I have both mine and hubby's complimentary bubbly on first night. That says a lot about me!😂
  20. On Arcadia recently. I was behind a man in the breakfast buffet queue. First of all he took out cutlery, looked at it then put it back and swapped it. Then he sucked his fingers of his right had one by one! He heard me exclaim then turned round. I said 'that is disgusting, you are at a buffet!' He grinned and did it again. I told a staff member nearby who was wearing a chef's hat but I don't know if he did anything as I felt yukky and had to walk away. I just had a box of cereal later...
  21. We have just returned from Arcadia and dined in Ocean Grill for our friend's birthday. We had steaks and they were lovely. The cheeseboard was really nice too. We didn't dine in Sindhu on this cruise though. I think they were having trouble filling the tables there because we were asked every single day if we would like to dine in there.
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