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  1. Thanks, not interested in that, but I do like being social. Meeting people like you and your husband and the people you enjoy being would enhance my vacation.
  2. Thank you so much for you lovely response. Your attention to detail and writing skill really paint a lovely picture, and the social aspect you describe is exactly what I value in a cruise, especially travelling solo and especially on a long cruise when you can really get to know people. I hope our passenger complement on the next sailing is as nice as yours.
  3. I have so been enjoying your posts and hope you keep it going for the rest of the cruise. I'll be getting on the ship as you're disembarking and was hoping you could answer a question for me. Where do you go to be social? You mentioned Happy Hour--where is that, what time, what's the deal there? And where to people hang before dinner? On the old HAL ships, the Ocean Bar used to be the go-to place, with a small band and people actually dancing, but things have changed quite a bit nowadays. Can you lend any insight?
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