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  1. I disputed my charge for my March 15 cruise, but in my case I hadn't paid for it yet because it was not due until April 7. Technically, I cancelled on March 13 (six hours) before HAL did, but they either gave me misinformation or deliberately lied to me about the sailing , so I felt justified in disputing the charge, since I did not want to pay for a cruise I did not get just to receive a FCC that may not eventually be valid. The credit card company put a conditional credit on that charge, and I paid the rest of my bill. About five weeks later, the credit was changed to permanent and I'm all set, but I acknowledge this is a very rare situation.
  2. Nymich, you have no idea how much your kind words mean to me. I'm loyal to HAL and did not want to cause them problems. But on March 11 I found out that Argentina was imposing new rules and quarantines of people entering the country, verified by the U.S. Embassy. On March 12, I found out that American had cancelled all their long-haul flights, specifically mentioning DFW to Buenos Aires, which in reverse was my return flight. On March 13, I called HAL to discuss this with them and they were no help, claiming they were unaware and/or unaffected by these events; I asked to speak to a supervisor and the agent kicked it up to "Resolution," which had the same response, assuring me that even though other cruise lines had put a hold on sailing, my cruise was definitely still on. Still, I didn't dispute the charges for another two weeks. Now I don't feel so bad.
  3. Everybody's situation is different, but here is mine: I was booked on the 3/15 sailing of the Koningsdam, doing the leg from Ft. Lauderdale to Buenos Aires. I caved and cancelled on 3/13, about 6 hours before HAL cancelled all the sailings, including mine. If I had waited those 6 hours, I would have been entitled to a refund to my credit card, a FCC of the cruise fare and reimbursements of some expenses. However, since I booked so close to sailing, my trip hadn't even been paid for; in fact, payment to my credit card was not even due until after I got back home. I waited and never heard anything from HAL, other than the day my cruise was cancelled. I couldn't see why I should pay for a cruise that wasn't going to happen, awaiting a FCC from a company that might not be viable for a long time, if ever. So, I contacted the credit card company and put in a dispute on the charges. They gave me a conditional credit on the disputed amount and i paid the rest of my bill on time. Just a few days ago, I got notification from my credit card that the dispute had been settled and the credit had been changed from conditional to permanent. Kudos to my credit card company, and kudos to HAL for stepping up. I'm sure they have bigger fish to fry than my measly cruise fare, but it is certainly a relief to me.
  4. I live in Los Angeles and have disembarked many times at San Pedro. The last few years, disembarkation has been pretty smooth--the problem is the traffic in L.A., which gets worse every year. If you're lucky, it might only be 1/2 hour to get to LAX, or it can be an hour and a half. Driving around the departure circle to your terminal can take 10 or 15 minutes, or it can take 45 minutes to an hour. If you want to avoid stress, give yourself plenty of time.
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