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  1. So this doesn’t reflect what my cruise personalizer shows for my updicming 10night Panama Canal cruise on CB...it is 100 for a 10 night cruise (10/day).
  2. I also get the 200obc for charging to my Amex platinum - it’s a benefit exclusively for the platinum card. You have to use an Amex affiliated travel agent, and I can’t post mine here but it’s one that caters to military and sells homeowners insurance 🙂. The agent has to have access to the Amex system to get your reservation linked in and get it in the reservation. Or you can book directly through Amex. You can get it every time you book, on almost any type cabin, on most of the ccl owned cruise lines as well as a few others (I think celebrity is one but I can’t remember!) If you go on amex’s Website and find the cruise benefits page it lists all of the info.
  3. just to update...my statement credit has appeared! i purchased the obc on tuesday, i think. (maybe wednesday? it's been one of those weeks, lol!) so it does work for purchasing obc in the cruise personalizer on an already booked cruise!
  4. i purchased obc for my upcoming cruise and received an email from amex that i had used the offer...BUT i have my amex email preferences such that any time i use an offer, it alerts me it has been activated. (i'm not sure if i set that up or if it does it as a default). i also have the app send me a push notification when one is used. now i shall wait and see if the statement credit actually appears, which with amex can take anywhere from 48 hours -4 weeks.
  5. Hmmm, maybe I’ll wait and let you go first - let us know if it works! 🤣🤣
  6. I had the $100 off 500 on my platinum card this am...I did use the 150 one that was in September so it’s not a function of whether or not you used it. I believe however the delta airlines cobranded Amex’s almost never get this particular offer. A wuestion...does anyone know if I buy obc for my upcoming cruise (which was paid for a while ago since it’s in 3 weeks!), will that trigger the statement credit as a purchase from princess?
  7. Ironically in all the Amex groups I’m in they complain when they get dollars instead of points! They are worth much more than a penny if you’re redeeming them for airfares.
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