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  1. Good day everyone! Had lost my sewjo, but it is slowly coming back. Had purchase some bamboo underwear kits last year (from Bra Makers Supplies) and finally made some stuff. I came across a Canadian company in British Columbia, Discovery Fabric and they have lots of interesting fabrics (soft fabric, pretty fabric, here is my credit card!) especially if you are looking for fabrics for active ware. Take care, Sue >M< This sewing machine was my college graduation gift many years ago (35+) and still working well
  2. Ah, the joys of heated seats & heated steering wheel
  3. Yes, that it is. Hubby had to scrape his car windows this morning (leaves house at 6 am for work)
  4. Morning and Thank you! Forgot about baking soda and water. Will let you know how things turn out Things are a little chilly here in Southern Ontario today -1 C at 8:30 when we were out walking!
  5. Evening everyone: not really sewing related but I figured you guys would be a great resource. I have a lovely evening bag that I believe is made with satin. And of course it has a stain/watermark of some sort on it. Meant to clean it post cruise last fall. . . . you know where this is going . . . any suggestions? Thank you in advance, Sue >M<
  6. Thank you for the link. It was/is a great read.
  7. Fabulous photos of your outfits Lisa! Having part-timers issue: I thought someone had posted a link for increasing tummy size for mens shirt. Even looked on Threads and may be I am not looking with the right words / phrase. I get adjustments for pants. I am thinking that I would find the halfway part/distance along the waistline and spread the base open but keep the centre front the way it is? Thanks, Sue >M<
  8. Glad to read that everyone is doing well. I like the pattern that you are looking at Geocruiser, but agree, could be cool/cold.
  9. Fabulous! I understand where you are coming from, not quite as tall but always adding length to pants, skirts, dresses and sleeves. The fabric reminds me of Ralph Lauren
  10. Thank you for the pattern information. Love the Llama fabric!
  11. Gorgeous looking dress. May I ask about the pattern? I would not have to add to the top (short waisted) but may need/want length in the skirt (all of my height is in my legs!) Thinking this would be good for sea days instead of wearing shorts. Dresses can be squished for packing and easily rinsed in the bathroom sink and hung to dry.
  12. I subscribe the 'Insider" which is part of the Treads magazine. A long time ago I use to subscribe to the Vogue Sewing magazine. Do not remember how I stumbled on to Threads, but I do love it.
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