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  1. we were on Vista at the end of September and after the first port (Jamaica), there was security outside a cabin just down the hall for the rest of our 7 day cruise (5 days left) and then when we ported back in Galveston, they lead someone off the ship in handcuffs. There could have been a warrant for their arrest and when they left the ship and got back on, they had cause to arrest them.
  2. You can no longer take on bottles of water. Your soda can be in your carry on luggage. They may ask to open the package to make sure it is all soda and not beer cans in the middle of the package.
  3. We were on Vista at the end of September and had a Balcony on Deck 8 at the aft of the ship and never had any problems with vibrations or noise.....loved it!!
  4. we always sail during my birthday...except this year (otherwise we would be on it now). I have received a small frosted cake with a candle on it in the MDR and the waiter and the other helpers sang me happy birthday. I have also received gift cards for a free 8X10 photo, a free bottle of wine (upto I think $24) & $50 off selected spa service from our room steward.
  5. My son cancelled his girlfriend (ex now) and it was $250 cancellation fee (prior to final payment date) He purchased insurance, so they kept $50 and the other $200 is able to be used towards a future cruise. I am booked on a cruise in April and my moms best friend decided not to go. I called Carnival and was told that since it is prior to final payment date, the cost is $50, but if after final payment date then full deposit amount ($250) would be lost.
  6. the refund will go back to the person/card that made that made the payments. We had to cancel my son's girlfriend and he had the insurance thru Carnival and he lost $50 of the $250 deposit and received the cost of the insurance ($98-if no claim was filed) towards a future cruise ($298).
  7. we were on deck 7 originally and received an upgrade call for $10 per person to upgrade to deck 10. I jumped on it. We sail Liberty at the end of April 2019.
  8. you can wait and pay the gratuities when you get on the ship.
  9. this is not the info that was given to me when my son cancelled his girlfriend off the booking that we sail on in 64 days. The Carnival rep told me he would need to call in to book his next cruise rather than booking online and the future cruise credit would be used towards the deposit.
  10. I have cruised 9 times and have received an upgrade call maybe 3 times. Just received and upgrade call on Sunday for my girls cruise in April. We were in a balcony room on deck 7 they offered to upgrade to a balcony room on deck 10 for $10/pp. I jumped on it.
  11. 105 Vista "Inaugural Cruise out of Galveston"
  12. you can get a punch card too....buy like 5 and get the 6th one free
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