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  1. HAL finally got back to me. Their answer to their web site failure is that I need to clear my cache. HAL continues to not listen to its customers.
  2. As a mid 50's tech savvy individual, navigating web sites are easy for me. All except HAL. I am not sure who created it, or thought it was workable, but it is the worst. Not only is it difficult to see a full itinerary, but trying to book a cruise and change cabins is almost impossible. I am not someone that just wants to tell someone to go do it for me, I want to see what is available and do it myself. HAL has made that almost impossible. I defy Orlando Ashford try to navigate the website and then try to book a cruise on the HAL website. I think it is time to jump ship.
  3. The beef has declined dramatically since they changed vendors. The Ribeye is almost inedible it was so full of gristle.
  4. Last year it was Turkey, Ham, dressing, pie. The usual. Nothing very fancy and even though they had a raw turkey decorated with some leaves sitting outside the dining room the meat was pre-processed.
  5. Fabulous review. Thanks for posting and including all the terrific pictures.
  6. The good people of San Francisco should start using all the discarded needles as a straw.
  7. I would suggest you book a night at the Tamarind. It is our favorite speciality restaurant.
  8. Use a VPN while ashore and then you won't have to worry about it.
  9. They are some of the best lamb chops I have had and I live in Colorado. They are usually very meaty and don't need anything other than salt and pepper to cook them. I always make it a point to order them at least once per cruise. The pork chop is excellent as well.
  10. Go to Orient beach and take in the sights. Maybe a bite to eat from one the dozens of food spots right there.
  11. https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=628214
  12. Out cruises always include at least one picture of a person wearing their life vest at the life boat drill. Always a hoot.
  13. I have nominated HAL's website as "The Worst" in all categories.
  14. I appreciate that they charge to use the internet, that keeps people off that are just checking facebook/instagram and those of that use it to stay connected to the office while on vacation can get a decent speed. For those that feel they are "entitled" to the internet, you aren't.
  15. Anything in the Tamarind. If HAL was listening to it's audience they would close the Canaletto since it is usually empty and put a Tamarind in there. It would be sold out each night in the smaller ships that don't have a permanent Tamarind location.
  16. It usually isn't Foie Gras but is pate. Not very good at that either.
  17. 18 year old water sounds like it would be pretty stale. Go ahead and splurge and get a fresh bottle. :)
  18. Loved using the Tampa port over Ft. Lauderdale. So much easier in and out.
  19. I would imagine that it is almost impossible to "fall" off a cruise ship these days without actually trying to.
  20. I have never understood people that buy an unlimited drink package and then complain about the brand choice or quality. It will be the cheapest available, everytime, everyplace, everyday. They are running a business.
  21. Thank you for the review. We also only dine in the speciality restaurants each night, don't really care for the MDR. Not our style. We really love the Tamarind and Pinnacle as well as the Nieuw Amsterdam.
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