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  1. As a mid 50's tech savvy individual, navigating web sites are easy for me.  All except HAL.  I am not sure who created it, or thought it was workable, but it is the worst.  Not only is it difficult to see a full itinerary, but trying to book a cruise and change cabins is almost impossible.  I am not someone that just wants to tell someone to go do it for me, I want to see what is available and do it myself.  HAL has made that almost impossible.  I defy Orlando Ashford  try to navigate the website and then try to book a cruise on the HAL website.


      I think it is time to jump ship.

  2. Wackos indeed. Plastic straws will soon be banned in San Francisco, soft drinks will not be served to children unless accompanied by a parent who orders for them but there will be no problem to continue to get free needles.



    The good people of San Francisco should start using all the discarded needles as a straw.

  3. Has anyone had the Colorado Lamb chops? Our experience on other lines is that the lamb is often better in the MDR versus the specialty restaurants. Opinions on the Pinnacle Grill lamb?



    They are some of the best lamb chops I have had and I live in Colorado. They are usually very meaty and don't need anything other than salt and pepper to cook them. I always make it a point to order them at least once per cruise. The pork chop is excellent as well.

  4. Anything in the Tamarind.


    If HAL was listening to it's audience they would close the Canaletto since it is usually empty and put a Tamarind in there. It would be sold out each night in the smaller ships that don't have a permanent Tamarind location.

  5. I love foie gras and was curious about the asterisk next to it on the menu in post 32. Does that mean no seconds?! Also how likely it is to be on the Eurodam in Mexico in November.


    It usually isn't Foie Gras but is pate. Not very good at that either.

  6. I have never understood people that buy an unlimited drink package and then complain about the brand choice or quality. It will be the cheapest available, everytime, everyplace, everyday. They are running a business.

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