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  1. I did a 17 day cruise through the Panama Canal without my wife. She hates the humidity and this has been a bucket list cruise for me. She was fine with me going, but I was worried that my stuff would be on the driveway when I got home. I missed her birthday and Thanksgiving but she seemed to be fine with it.
  2. Oh good, another Oprah thread. Looking forward to this one as well.
  3. Go to Tracy's in Juneau. You won't be disappointed.
  4. Excellent and entertaining report. Thank you for taking the time to write this.
  5. Looking forward to reading your review about how much hair and dirt were put in your meals after day 1 of your cruise. I bet the staff will be waiting in line to put stuff into your food and drink.
  6. If your only concern is a burger, you really should just stay at home. You won't be happy.
  7. Just toss the nail clippings onto your neighbors balcony. They will take care of it for you.
  8. I heard that they will be picking RuPaul as the next Godmother for the upcoming ship.
  9. What I will miss most is the surly sour faces and bad attitudes of the staff at the "gallery".
  10. My wife and I did a 2 week back to back Eastern and Western Caribbean cruise for our honeymoon on the Nieuw Amsterdam. The staff treated us with special attention the entire first week. We really loved the ship and the staff. I give you permission to use my ship for your honeymoon as well.
  11. The drinks are few and far between. I was told for every $1000 I spend then that entitles me to a free drink. Not exactly a welcoming atmosphere.
  12. The longer the cruise the less you will find kids on board. Although not guaranteed, just not likely.
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