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  1. In case anyone is wondering - if you used an AMEX offer like get $100 back after spending $500...that credit goes back on as a charge after the refunds show up 😉
  2. I got my full cruise fare refund to AMEX today (3 separate refunds since I made 3 payments). Cruise date: June 9 Cancellation form submitted: April 1
  3. So your original sail date was June 5th and they did refund your fare? I'm still waiting in mine. Cruise was for Jun 9 and submitted cancellation form Apr 1
  4. Thanks for the info! My cruise date was Jun 9 so not too far from yours. That gives me hope - maybe another week 🙂
  5. Has anyone with cruises originally scheduled for May got a refund back to any credit card? If yes - what was your cruise date? Has anyone with cruises originally scheduled for June got a refund back to any credit card? If yes - what was your cruise date?
  6. That's good to see that May cruises are being processed. Mine was on June 9 so maybe another month 🙂
  7. What was your cruise date and when did you request the refund?
  8. Exactly. Not to mention making the subject "Norwegian Going Bankrupt" and then starting the post with "Well it looks like its official". NCL has not filed for bankruptcy (yet) nor is it official...
  9. I used AMEX and don't have any refunds yet. They are probably processing charges as they happened and not by card processor.
  10. I totally agree but also curious about who you speak to / get info from about that? Unless it's someone on the executive leadership team I wouldn't trust a PVP or customer service rep at this point.
  11. If it happens in 90 days or sooner then that is fine with me - I can wait. My only concern is that the department that answers social media is not acknowledging or mentioning 90 days or up to 90 days, etc.
  12. Who is they? Because if you ask Carnival on Facebook or Twitter their response is they are working on it but can't provide a date. So if this 90 days that I keep seeing is official they would have surely said so in their posts and replies.
  13. Just saw this post from Princess that they have started processing refunds. Hopefully it's the same for Carnival since both are part of same parent Corp
  14. What is the outcome. Is there any benefit to this? It's not like the charge is fraudulent and Carnival is supposed to refund it - its just taking way longer than usual. Not sure I would recommend this unless it has been 90 days and you still haven't received the refund...but that's just me.
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