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  1. Could anyone comment on how to upgrade from the signature to the elite drink package and the cost? We have done it numerous times on Celebrity,, but have never had a drink package on HAL. Thanks!
  2. In Jan 2020 we had just moved and wanted total relaxation. We booked HAL knowing it would be quiet. It was and we had a chance to unwind. However, it was even more sedate than we remembered. The cruise director staff consisted of about 2 people plus the child care staff. There was no live music at the pool or during sail away. There wasn’t a band at any of the shows, just recorded music and a light show with a handful of dancers. We are not night owls, but the bars were vacant long before 10 pm. And, there is no place except room service to get a cookie, ice cream, or anything sweet af
  3. We are waiting as well. Princess itineraries came out last week.
  4. Yes, we are fortunate to have rebooked in mid 2020 and got in before the big price hikes. However, it reads like there is a 10% bonus to CC members regardless of fare. Just wondering???
  5. We booked well over a year ago and our fare is significantly lower than the going rate. Our Nov cruise is listed in the offer. Are we eligible for the 10% discount? I’d be happy with it as OBC.
  6. We had the same issue when we had to cancel and rebook. After going round and round with my TA we learned that Celebrity “audited” their FCCs at some point last year. They didn’t advise the passengers or TAs. In our case we received some random credits back to our credit card with no explanation. Celebrity mysteriously deducted that amount and a random amount from our FCC. Thankfully I had all the invoices and emails with our FCCs. When I produced those the discrepancy became $200, down from ~600. Finally figured out they had refunded our onboard booking deposits. A little transparen
  7. They will look lovely on gala nights in the photos! No need to bring any bracelets when you can show off your tracelet 🤣🤣🤣 I can only imagine the new poses to try to cover them up! I have very tiny wrists. It would actually fit better on my ankle. COVID has changed the look of “modern luxury “.
  8. In the CNBC interview he said there were 2 unvaccinated adults and 26 unvaccinated children.
  9. The chaotic airport departures have been the case in St Martin ever since the last big hurricane when the airport suffered extensive damage. Large air conditioned tents would be an appreciated upgrade!
  10. You may wish to check the EU website which discusses plans for allowing vaccinated Americans and others into the EU on non essential travel this summer. It does appear they have an option to tighten up controls if there is a sudden surge of cases. At this point it looks to be a roll of the dice....
  11. We like to minimize use of phones on ships as well. Guys have plenty of pockets to stash a phone. This is not usually the case for ladies. And not having to lug a purse everywhere is another cruise bonus. If I am tethered to my phone on a cruise that means a purse so I have somewhere to put it. I prefer neither. But, the younger generations are lost without their phones. They are the real target audience.
  12. Call Steve at the TripInsuranceStore.com. They are great! There maybe an insurance thread on CC as well.
  13. I anticipate it is going to be like this until all the FCCs from cancelled cruises work their way through the system. When that happens, supply and demand will balance out and hopefully more realistic pricing will return. We love cruising, but being land locked for nearly 18 months has helped us find other options we will now consider for vacations. Cruising may no longer be the default option if prices remain high.
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