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  1. We wear a mask whenever we are unable to maintain the appropriate distance, or are indoors in public spaces. We haven’t eaten at an indoor restaurant since Mar 2020. If you have to wear a mask on a cruise at the pool and around the upper outdoor decks, I find it hard to justify feeling safe eating in a dining room or drinking at an indoor bar. I can walk, bike, and swim at home without a mask and my lanai furniture is much more comfortable than the new “modern luxury” balcony furniture. It would be much cheaper for us to order Door Dash and takeout for a week at home then have to worry abou
  2. Just read this article about the vaccinated US Congressman who has tested positive. Thankfully, he is asymptomatic. He is, however, required to quarantine to prevent transmission. I am wondering what the probability of this happening is. Such occurrences could prove tricky with regard to any type of international travel or resumption of normal activities. Will a “vaccine passport” showing you are vaccinated only mean you probably won’t get really sick, but you could still carry the virus? This is concerning since some of the new vaccines have a lower efficacy rate. https://www.p
  3. As an interesting comparison, NCL is now repatriating crews they brought back in the late fall in preparation for the “test” sailings. I wonder which cruise line has the better crystal ball? https://crew-center.com/all-ncl-non-essential-crew-be-repatriated-home-april-2021
  4. Azamara just added some new Miami itineraries you may wish to check out.
  5. 81Zoomie

    Latest promo.

    We received the email today and thought it was a great deal. However, the prices doubled from the advertised category prices when we actually tried to book a cabin. It was WAY more than we have paid in the past. A CC went from $6500ish for 2 to over $13000 for 2 😳. It was an easy decision to pass on something we were giving serious thought to booking.
  6. Maybe the experts can weigh in.... It is my understanding that in the US, no one can be required to be vaccinated with a vaccine that has only been authorized for emergency use. Final approval, if it occurs, could come as late as summer 2021. Can any legal or medical professionals elaborate on this? For the record, I am current on my vaccines and get a flu shot every year.
  7. Looking at the Celebrity options for sail, FCC, or refund on an amended itinerary. Option 3 in the letter from Celebrity says 100% refund. However, my TA says it will come back as my FCC (from a cancelled May 2020 cruise) and cash. That is not the “100% refund” I was expecting. With all the cancellations and uncertainty on vaccine timing, I’d rather not repeat this cycle. The end date to use FCCs has not changed, there are many fewer options from which to choose, and the current pricing is ridiculously high. Does anyone have any other info about the “100% refund” option?
  8. We booked this 8 day with FCC from a cancelled cruise. We have no intention of sailing because at this point it appears cruising will be lucky to be starting up in May 21. Masks, temp checks, and forced excursions don’t sound like a lot of fun. We received our letter from Celebrity with the 3 options. Option 3 clearly says 100% refund. HOWEVER, we just got a note from our TA stating the refund would come back as our same FCC and cash. Celebrity hasn’t extended the time to use a FCC, and they have jacked the pricing way up. We would like to take our refund in cold cash and wait until thi
  9. “Applying to sail” is the key. No requirement to make changes to cruises over 7 days in the US until there is an application to sail. It is not clear if this applies for each ship, or just one application. Could be that the ships that are now showing only 7 day itineraries are the ones Celebrity intends to sail in US waters until Nov 2021.
  10. Doesn’t help us. We have an 8 day booked May 29. When you try to lift and shift it says there are no other options available. L&S sounds good in theory, but there is a lot of fine print that favors Celebrity. Our cruise will not sail because it is over 7 days. I’m hoping we can get a refund as we have already applied FCC from another cancelled cruise.
  11. Holland America just cancelled with the exact same criteria as Princess. No cruises through Mar 2021, no cruises over 7 days in the US until Nov 2021. FCC and refund policy is posted as well. I suppose Celebrity is too busy rolling out their “all inclusive” exorbitant pricing strategy to be transparent with their present customers.
  12. We are booked on the EQ in Nov 2021. It falls after the Covid conditional sail order limit of 7 days. Hoping we are good. That said, there is no word on how Celebrity is rearranging their affected cruises up to that point. We could be affected as well due to the redeployments.
  13. The Conditional sail order is pretty specific about the number of days a cruise line may sail, or offer to sail to/from a US port until Nov 1, 2021. (2) The cruise ship operator must not sail or offer to sail on an itinerary longer than 7 days. CDC may shorten or lengthen the number of days permitted to sail based on public health considerations and as set forth in technical instructions or orders. Celebrity is still showing many Caribbean cruises in excess of 7 days departing from FL prior to Nov 2021. This appears to be in violation of the CDC requirements to obtain a
  14. HMC is part of the Bahamas. The Bahamas is now requiring every visitor to obtain a Health HMC is part of the Bahamas. The Bahamas is now requiring all visitors to obtain a Travel Heath Visa before arrival. Among other things, there is a fee, and a requirement for a negative Covid test before arrival.
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