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  1. berd0625

    Accident on FOS

    Trainman By whom and from where were those. Ecstacy pics taken? Absolutely amazing!
  2. berd0625

    Ocho Rios Horseback Riding

    We did this excursion 2 years ago on Voyager. It was great fun and worth the money. However, we went ocean riding first then on the trails, and it was VERY hot by the end! Be sure to bring tip money for the guides as they do a good job. This was the excursion that taught us to book through the ship in some circumstances. The road back to the ship was closed due to rioting in the streets (No Joke!) and we were 2 1/2 hours late getting back. The ship waited as there were about 30 of us.
  3. berd0625

    Best Island to Purchase Liquor

    Has anyone ever bought wine and/or champagne in the Islands? Are the prices comparable to the savings on liquor? How about duty? Thanks in advance for any insight.
  4. berd0625

    Happy Hour Link

    Try this: [URL]http://creative.rccl.com/sales/promowave/rcl.pdf[/URL]
  5. berd0625

    Are the pools still saltwater?

    One of the benefits of saltwater pools is that the water can be changed regularly. The pools can get pretty funky after a while.
  6. We will have our second deck 6 hump cabin next year. I love this location because- We are close to the stairs and elevators (but no noise) We can take the stairs to the Royal Promenade, Dining room, promenade deck, Studio B and casino. Less expensive than the upper decks. Great views. Because I would rather sit on the Promenade deck than the pool deck it's perfect. We only need the elevator for the Windjammer.
  7. berd0625

    Those Ebay sellers are crazy and dishonest!

    One of the crazier items I've seen listed are someone's leftover "pillow chocolates"! I think she was charging $1 each! I try to bring mine home so I can enjoy my cruise a little while longer..........
  8. We did it on our own on 6/8. It was fine but be sure to leave yourself enough time to and from. I'd say an hour each way minimum. We were a little anxious so we cut our time shortat Trunk Bay to get the 2 pm ferry back. The Red Hook ferry ran every hour on the hour. Also there was a sign at the ferry dock in St. John that the CA ferry was no longer running. I don't know if that was temporary or not. Next year I hope to do a private day sail. If you go to Ports of Call you can find info on those. As far as on your own vs.through the ship there are some stops where I will and some I won't. It's up to you and your comfort level and experience. In any case St. John is one of the most beautiful places ever. Don't miss it!
  9. We drove from Trumbull. It took less than two hours down with some trafic after the GW. It took us three hours to get back. It was bumper to bumper from the GW to greenwich. Next year I'm taking the Palisades parkway and skipping I 95. In any case I think it's better than the bus. Hope this helps.
  10. berd0625

    ??? Casino

    Just off Explorer and saw no evidence of the "card in slots for points" there. There were a few people I know of that were comped by casino management based on their table play, but I don't know if they asked to be rated or if the pit was being observent. If only they comped by how much is lost instead of how much your bet is, I would have had a free cruise (not kidding :o )
  11. berd0625

    First Evening On The Ship, What Do You Do?

    Triple it here. Thank goodness for Adventure Ocean so my DD has somewhere to go:D
  12. I always ask for the advance at the table I am playing at, I've never asked at the cashier's cage. That may be why they've always been more than happy to "lend" it to me.
  13. I have $200 onboard credit for booking on my last cruise, $75 from my TA, and will cash in my RCCL Visa points for more. This should carry me thru the 1st Sea Day :D Don't want to jinx myself but I won enough playing 3 card on Vision to pay for our Alaska excursions, which aren't cheap. Thanks all for replying
  14. Is it still possible to take an advance against your Sea Pass in the casino? I'm builidng up a good amount of onboard credit and hope to use it to subsidize some of my fun! I've done this every cruise, just want to make sure it's still in effect. Thanks
  15. berd0625

    Voyager Deck 6 Cabins

    We had an E2 on Voyager. Never had a noise problem, and it was a very convenient location. We are booked for deck 6 on Explorer next year.