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  1. For those who have been there, what interesting sites are there to see in the capital city, Roseau? Also on my agenda for that day is a "self guided walking tour" of Roseau. Thanks.
  2. No it is not a safe plce to be since you have to get to it by going through La Perla -- what is described as the most beautifully located slum in the world. Know for its drug trade............ Every travel book on Old San Juan will tell you to avoid La Perla.
  3. Sad, but true. You have seemed to confirm my previous post of a couple of weeks ago.
  4. Sad, but true. You have seemed to confirm my previous post of a couple of weeks ago.
  5. When I fist traveled to the Caribbean some 25 years ago there were some bargains to be had. St Thomas (Cardow's, etc.), St Maarten, and others, were nice places to purchase jewelry, gold chains, stones, etc.................and the ability to bargain for a good price was also there! Today it seems to be a different story.............what with 5 cruise ships in port EVERY day (10,000 pax plus those on a land vacation) they won't bargain anymore...........if you don't buy they know that 10,000 more pax will be in town tomorrow. And there is only so much “quality “ to go around after all, isn’t there??
  6. RichardK

    king crab legs

    The way they fish for, and process the King Crab, it will be the same crab you eat in Alaska that you'd get in Seattle or in New York. I believe the main port is Dutch Harbor in the Aleutians. The ships drop off the crab, then the processing factories steam, flash freeze, box and ship. People think that the Alaskan King Crab is somehow "fresher" because they're eating it in Alaska..........unfortunately, not so!
  7. Wow!! I saw nothing even remotely close to making fun of you, or initiating some laughter at your expense!! What are you reading in the post that I am not??
  8. Generally, Wall Street likes "layoffs".
  9. We went the 3rd week in June. Some considerations were: *Length of day/daylight *Less families/children *Statistically a drier time of the year; although the weather is changeable and it can rain any day, any month.
  10. I purchase travel insurance for three reasons: 1. Elder Parents; 2. Medical Evacuation (could cost $50-$100K w/o insurance); and 3. Trip interruption (leave from a cold climate) But, that’s me………..and everyone’s needs are different.
  11. In my opinion, you've nailed it..........!!! Some cruise lines -- e.g., Celebrity & HAL -- may advertise themselves (by themselves) as premium lines; however, "mass market" categorizes them best.
  12. Probably not; but, neither will it help! :)
  13. You should not be able to buy Cuban cigars, legally, in P.R.
  14. Since San Juan (P.R.) is an American protectorate, any cigars legally sold there can be brought back on to the ship.
  15. They did when I was on the ship several years back. However, the machines did not have that favorable spread (for flushes & a full house) as some of the land based casinos do.
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