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  1. Hello! We just booked a July 4, 2020 cruise and would like to give a $250 referral to 2 new Seabourn sailer who are booked on a cruise sailing on or before July 4, 2020. My email is thughes 400 at Comcast dot net. Shoot me an email and let’s earn some extra $ together! Tammy
  2. Thanks for pointing that out. Amazing the difference one missed word can make! 🧐 It will still be helpful, but I’m glad to know now that I misread it. Tammy
  3. Hi Everyone! I emailed Seabourn Club and thought I’d report back on what they told me. They said we would be able to take advantage of earned perks on the segment(s) after we reach the milestone. So, in our case, we’d be at level 1 (Member) after our first segment (13 days), and Silver after our second segment (9 days) is completed. We are to simply check in with the Seabourn Club rep on board a few days before and give them a heads up so they can contact corporate for approval and to make it happen. When we reach the 3rd segment, some of the perks, especially the laundry and internet, will be very much appreciated! Tammy
  4. We will be sailing to Antarctica on Seabourn Quest in November. In reading several trip reports from people who have been on this sailing within the last year or so, it has been reported that these Bogs boots are the boots that you get when you rent from Seabourn. And, as PerfectlyPerth mentioned, there is a removable insert in the boots. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000TH2OBW/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Because we live in a cold climate and would have a further use for them, have space/weight in our luggage, and the purchase price for us isn’t significantly more than the cost of the rental, we decided to buy them. I also have high arches and my orthotics fit in them nicely in them, although I found I needed a size larger to do so. If you opt to rent them and the size you order doesn’t fit or work with your orthotic inserts, you can exchange for another size once on board. I hope this helps! Tammy
  5. Thank you all for your replies. I really appreciate it! I think I will email the SB Club contact prior to the cruise and ask. If it works and we get our perks, great. If not, we’ll wait until our next cruise booking with them. Thanks again! Tammy
  6. Thank you all for your replies. I really appreciate it! I think I will email the SB Club contact prior to the cruise and ask. If it works and we get our perks, great. If not, we’ll wait until our next cruise booking with them. Thanks again! Tammy
  7. Hello, DH and I are booked on our first Seabourn cruise in Nov 2019. The cruise is a 43-day Cruise made up of 3 segments, but we booked it as 1 cruise. I understand that club benefits are available upon completion of our first cruise, so “technically” we wouldn’t benefit from the perks at all during this voyage. I am wondering if, by chance, they will still recognize the segments as individual cruises and allow us to earn and use our benefits during the 2nd and 3rd legs. Would love to to hear about your B2B Club Benefits experiences. Thank you! Tammy
  8. Hi Jon, Not answering your question, but just saying hi. Hubby and I will be on your cruise. Be sure to join us, and a few others, on the Roll Call! Tammy
  9. Hi All, Re-awakening this thread to find out if anyone has heard if there is a date set yet for the Journey drydock. I did a search and could not find any info. Also, do the planned changes include the removal of the bar from the Sunset bar area, so the ares matches that of the Pursuit? Thank you! Tammy
  10. I actually just found the answer on the S-class spreadsheet, which I totally forgot about. Anyway, despite what the ship layout shows, 7352 and 7303 are reported to have standard size balconies. 😏
  11. Is 7352 bigger than standard balconies? It appears so on the ship layout, but wonder if that’s the reality.
  12. Thanks for the replies! We’ve made the booking and will hope, for the sake of simplicity, that both ships are on the same pier. Someone on our roll call said that this is the case. And an early bag drop on cruise 2 would be great to free us to go off and explore. Good to know about the HOHO bus stopping right at the pier! Thanks again! Tammy
  13. Hello, We are considering back to back cruises that end and begin in Tokyo Yokohama port on the same day (Oct 11, 2020), but on two different ships - the first is a Transpacific from Vancouver to Tokyo on Celebrity Eclipse, followed by the Best of Japan cruise on Celebrity Millennium. The TP arrives a day before disembarkation day and overnights, so there is a 1-day pad in the event of late arrival. With that, my question is for anyone who has done this ... can you offer a suggestion/info/etc for transferring to the second ship on disembarkation/embarkation day? I’m thinking two possibilities... we disembark Eclipse as late as possible, catch a taxi to the Millennium and wait patiently for boarding time. Or, we hire a tour company to take us and our luggage somewhere sightseeing for a 1/2 or full day tour, beginning at one ship and ending at the other. Thanks for any and all insights and info on this. I know it’s unlikely, but I’m a little nervous about the possibility of a late arrival into Tokyo causing us to miss our second ship. Tammy
  14. Hi Linda, That’s great! See you on the roll call! Tammy
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