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  1. i heard from Guest relations today but unfortunately missed the call She said that they submitted our expenses to the finance department for a check to be sent Does anyone else have this experience ? Does it mean it was approved and if so I wonder how long it takes to get a check My hubby chuckled and said two years
  2. Finally got my refund today from Cunard 2020 world cruise now I have to fight for the expenses since I only got 65% of what they owe us But I am relieved for sure
  3. the agent will also if you use them get another commission when you use the FCC for another cruise
  4. yes your travel agent gets a commission if you took the cruise or if your cancellation was not in 100% penalty Sounds like you were on a ship when it was canceled and then YES the agent was paid before you left for you cruise Absolutely i know since I am an agent
  5. i just posted this on facebook On the QM2 2020 world cruise it is hard for me to shut up about the cruise lines and I do try. But if anyone wants my advice --- DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES give money now to any cruise line. My hubby and I were kicked off our world cruise almost 4 months ago and I still have not gotten back one cent of our refund--- which is a lot of money. They keep promising dates and say it is processing, etc It is outrageous!
  6. just FYI This refund form does not apply for world cruisers like myself who were on the QM2 in Fremantle Australia
  7. O I think if you are a diamond Cunard member you should be getting a 10% discount on luggage forward
  8. I forgot to say that on our world cruise in 2016 the Atlantic room was reserved for the world cruisers and a room near the computer room was used for bridge lessons
  9. oh wow how did I forget this thanks
  10. I have been on the Queen Mary 2 many times and can;t remember seeing a game room with tables big enough to play board games, etc Does it exist on this ship and I missed it
  11. thanks so so much Interesting since when i was on the QM2 last time the nail fills were not offered a big thanks
  12. Thanks I have gels but can go to acrylic 113 days i love keeping my nails looking good
  13. I was wondering if anyone knows what nail services are offered in the spa on the Queen Mary 2. I was on the world cruise in 2016 and don;t remember if the offered acrylic fillings or gels I am going again and not sure if I can expect it
  14. so sad I travel a lot and have been on a world cruise on Cunard and going on another I have purchased MEDJET in the past so I can be flown home to the hospital of my choice if I can physically handle it I hope he is in a good hospital
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