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  1. How could it be anything other than Poseidon the Greek God of the Sea
  2. We have Whale watching and Mendenhall in Juneau, Liarsville in Skagway, and Totem park and Lumberjack show in Ketchikan. Since my wife and I have been to Alaska twice already we pretty much let our daughter and grandson decide what looked good for the ports. Nice to hear that the bow is open for Glacier bay day. I love being out and about for the day,
  3. I would have loved to go with Princess for a 3rd time but the price difference was about $3000. HAL had the best price and the itinerary I was looking for and the dates that worked. Thank you all for the insight of what to expect from HAL and what i need to be prepared for. I know there is no such thing as a bad cruise, and certainly not a bad cruise to Alaska. If anyone can think of other things that HAL does for Alaska that are special or unique I would love to keep hearing them.
  4. That sounds like an awesome idea. I would never have thought that the park rangers would let the dogs have anything other than a regulated diet.
  5. Funny you would say that, Did all of that about a week ago and he has been reading my Cruise companion book from the last time we went to Alaska.
  6. Grandson is 11 and he is all about understanding the how's and why's of things, So if there is a naturalist explaining things along with the Ranger on Glacier bay day then I think he will be able to keep himself busy. He loved the fact that the pool is enclosed and we are doing a week in Denali after the cruise so the he will get the Puppies there.
  7. Thank you, starting to put my mind at ease. We have prepared our grandson for a slower pace cruise, I was just hoping it would not be Glacially pace cruise (punt intended). Between the indoor pool and a few events to keep him interested in Alaska i think we are going to have an amazing time.
  8. I have read about the club HAL not being much of an experience. Good thing is that my grandson has not been interested in them on any of the past cruises. For the price, I couldn't pass up the cruise vs. Princess. I was more looking for insight on if HAL has events related to Alaska. Good to hear that they have the Park ranger on board for Glacier bay. Looking to hear of other events that they do special for just Alaska cruises.
  9. Hello all, My wife and I have been to Alaska twice and will be returning in Aug. The past 2 trips were with Princess and we absolutely loved it. This trip we will be taking the Kids and grandkid with us. So my question for those that might know is how will the activities compare to Princess?? for example, on Princess they bring on puppies and have a naturalist talk before and during the Glacier bay cruise. Does HAL also have "location specific" activities?? If so, would someone give me an idea of the kind of things we may have available to keep our grandson entertained. Thanks in advance
  10. I sure hope that is what it ends up being, that is the exact cruise and the perfect dates for me
  11. I just noticed that Odyssey is missing the Aug 29th sailing. Looks like after the Aug. 22nd the next cruise is Sept. 7th so is there a missing 10 day cruise?
  12. I have the 10 day booked but really wanted to do Athens. Sadly the 11 day cuts too deep in to my Italy time. I was hoping that RC would have a 9 day with Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos. Annoyed but I guess I will just have to wait 1 more week.
  13. Grrrrrrr!!!! Everyday they delay makes my backup cruise with NCL look that much better
  14. Does anyone know when the summer 2021 cruise dates and prices will be released for bookings? I am looking for a Greek island cruise.
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