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  1. Thank you so very much for taking time to do this great review. Sailing in a week and you provided so many answers to questions I had, making me even more anxious than I was already. Here 's wishing you a safe trip home and thanks again for taking us along on your journey
  2. For a travel option , maybe a same style pill holder which you can find at a dollar store would work
  3. patticake1129

    Food hacks

    Mixing the not so great coffee with some hot chocolate for a café mocha
  4. patticake1129

    Pride's Arrival Time back at Baltimore

    Thanks VaderPrincess, I have sailed the Pride before also, but that time just seemed late to me, and didn't want to have to be hanging around the port if we got in earlier. Have a wonderful cruise!
  5. My itinerary states arrival time back at Baltimore as 10:00am. Could any recent cruisers confirm this? Want to coordinate a good pick up time with my son-in-law. Will be doing self assist debarkation. Thanks in advance.
  6. Matthew, Thanks so much for this review. I will be back on the Pride in spring for the third time, first since the upgrade. Seeing your photos brought back some good memories of locations on the ship that I would frequent. I like your style of writing and your descriptions make me more anxious to sail her again. Thanks to Ashley as well, and I hope to read more from you in the future. Happy Sailing!
  7. patticake1129

    What are your biggest cruise pet peeves?

    Mine is those FEW folks that have an Entitled Attitude, acting as though they were the most important person in the Universe and they should be treated accordingly. This also relates to some of them treating staff unkindly. No one is better than anyone else, whether you are in the best cabin or the worst. We all paid our fare. Happy Cruising To All!
  8. patticake1129

    Pier 88 Disembarkation -photos???

    ok, I feel better now. I know how the traffic can be up there sometimes, and I was picturing myself racing across the street behind my son and grandson trying to dodge cars while pulling my luggage, lol Thanks for your response, Brighton
  9. Two new future cruising buddies. Thanks so very much for the wonderful reports. I was following along all week. Makes me even more excited for mine next month, and I didn't think that was possible, lol
  10. patticake1129

    Pier 88 Disembarkation -photos???

    Thank you njhorseman, that is very helpful. I bet that is a site to see when so many are crossing, baggage in tow. Thanks again!
  11. Sailing the Breakaway next month. Anyone have photos of the terminal showing the "walk across the street" to waiting cars? My son-n-law will be dropping off and picking up, and I would like to give him a better idea of where he and we actually need to meet up after disembarkation. Left once before from this terminal but I don't remember having to cross over anywhere, just got picked up right outside of the terminal.
  12. I am happy to see you will be "Live" for the Breakaway. I will be sailing her soon, so I will definitely be following along with you. You always do such a nice job of reporting. Thanks for taking the time for all of us here on Cruise Critic. HAPPY SAILING :)
  13. patticake1129

    Tea Time or is it..

    I too, would look forward to a nice afternoon Tea on any ship. I am a very casual person, no problem using paper plates and plastic utensils, but there is something very satisfying about sitting around a table, having a large selection of fine teas, then seeing trays of little sandwiches, cookies, and cakes all decked out for consuming. Makes this old gal feel like a refined lady. For a short time anyway, lol
  14. YES, I realize it would be my money lost, however, I was thinking more along the lines of identity protection. Identity theft would be a much larger problem to deal with. Plus, if someone does not spend much once on board, it could be a good option for them. I have only either used my cc or cash in the past, I was more just trying to offer another possibility. I am sure others can offer a different ideas as well.
  15. I am wondering if getting a prepaid credit card would be a solution? Can someone reply with either good or bad experience trying it? Thanks